The Price We Pay

Everything in life comes at a cost.  We aren't always prepared to pay the price of something we want.  We stretch our budgets or better yet, buy it on credit and worry about how to make up the cost at some later date.  Nowadays, it's far easier to just buy now and pay later, rather than make the sacrifices needed to save for a season and buy it when we have the funds.

The price we pay to come to know our God and Savior is very much the same.  We can either go without that relationship and experience or we can pay the price and that is going to mean sacrifice. There is no credit system in the process of knowing God.  If you want it, you will sacrifice for it.  If you don't, you won't.  In a lot of ways, you pay now and receive the blessings later.  I guess it's more like an investment rather than an impulse purchase.

I am finding that this year is much different than years past.  The mood at home is different. Experiences have come, challenges are arising that are pushing us ever closer to our Savior and in the direction of home. This comes with a price to pay; sacrifices to make.  I feel a looming sense that time is running out for us to become all that we need to become. Heavenly Father has definitely got big plans for us this year and I'm certain they won't be easy plans.  Already, I feel the expense of sacrifice to accomplish what he needs us to do. At the same time, I can feel the mercy He has offered to help us shoulder the weight as well.

Strange things are happening.  An orchestration of people and events are lining up in mysterious ways.  It's going to be interesting to see what happens next in our little family.

From a DC standpoint, we are in a holding pattern for now.  The kids are all status quo.  Shelbie is still having some residual problem from her fall.  It occurred to me that because of her hypermobile joints, this is to be expected so I think we will hold off on the MRI for another week or so.  Maybe she just needs a little more time than the average guy.  Somehow, Spencer is managing or maybe has just grown accustomed to feeling poorly and Sam is just pretty happy.  

I am still battling fatigue and pain that never seems to end.  I'm not sure what is going on because usually I can get on top of it pretty fast with nutrition but that is not the case now. Nevertheless, I am happy for the respite the kids have had.


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