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29 Gifts Continues

Life is busy, but in a good way!  My 29 gifts project is underway and I'm so happy that there have been some people who have followed me on Instagram and are joining in with their own challenge!  It truly changes things.  Here is the latest and greatest in my journey...

Hauled in a street worth of garbage cans on garbage day!  

Every young girl just needs a little bucket of sunshine.  Especially, little girls who aren't quite sure where they belong in the world.  This gift is somehow, going to keep giving.  I have bigger plans for the bucket of sunshine in days to come. 

Day 6 was probably my favorite gift so far.  It was one that just happened, not something I had planned.  I was checking out at Walmart with a bunch of random stuff and the cashier was this older lady, very sweet.  She commented on just about every item I bought and made every effort possible to be engaging and endearing.  There were 8 people behind me but she didn't seem rushed or harried. You would have thought we were best friends.

As she tore the receipt from the machine, she carefully wrote her name across the top and said, "Ma'am, if you fill out this survey and mention my name, then I get a treat!"
"Really?  You get a treat!"
"Yes!  I love treats!!  Just fill it out if you think I did a good job!"
"You did a great job and I promise I will fill it out for you!"
"You really will?"  She was so excited!  I don't think I have seen any adult get so excited about receiving a treat.  Then I got all excited!
I went straight home and filled out the survey.  It's not very often you feel that happy to help someone.
Day 6 was for Pattie

Hosted a girls night with some fun teenagers!

This was another spur of the moment gift.  We were at a comedy show on Saturday night and a kid there was begging his friends for a $1 so he could get some popcorn.  No one would help the guy out so I threw him a couple of bucks.  He ended up standing with us and visited for about 15 minutes.  Nice kid...turns out he was part of the comedy show! 

There is an organization called Knit-A-Square.  They accept 8x8 knit or crocheted squares that are then sewn into blankets for orphaned children with AIDS. 

Who Doesn't like free candy?  I don't care who you are, finding a quarter in a candy machine is a good day. 

Last year, I listened to a TED talk about a girl who had moved to New York and was so homesick and depressed, she started writing letters and sending them to complete strangers.  Now, she has an organization called, More Love Letters. I decided to write one myself and leave it at Maverick for a random stranger to find!

I have some big plans for upcoming gifts but some of them will take some co-ordination so I hope they work out.  As is customary, I have a few that I really want to do but if I see an opportunity elsewhere, then I will do that instead.  So, each day is a new adventure...we'll see what comes next.



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