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More of the same old news...guess who's sick...AGAIN?

Sam.  Sam is sick again!  It's only been a week or two of feeling decent.

Of course, I'm probably making it up, caused it from worry, poisoned his breakfast or some fool notion I've been getting lately from our awesome doctors.  Still pretty much holding a grudge about that in case you couldn't tell.

I'm keeping him home from school indefinitely.  He just can't seem to catch a break and the last thing we need right now is for him to pick up a bacterial infection on top of whatever this is.  His cough is sounding so much worse today and I really, really hope pneumonia isn't back!  That would not be a good situation with his lung and heart pressure where it's at.  His immune system is having the hardest time keeping up with things lately but I know it could be so much worse!

Today was missionary letter day!  It was so good to get a great letter from Spencer.  He told the funniest story.  The kids and I were literally in pain from laughing so hard.  It probably isn't that funny to most people but since we can see Spencer's reaction and hear his voice as we read it and the fact that most of us in this family are sort of in a raw emotional state, it was extra funny..

Here is an excerpt from his letter.

 "The funniest thing of my life happened this week. We went to a lady's house to teach her and she has Alzheimer's disease.   She had this fat little wiener dog who could barely walk because his belly was too big.  Well, she also had an electric recliner she was sitting in.  The dog, whose name was Tinkerbell was laying under the footrest of her chair.  She decided she wanted to get up and started to lower her chair. The dog didn't have any time to move and it started to get crushed in the stomach by her chair.  I thought at first that she would realize and stop her chair but it just kept squishing her dog.  I said "Hey your squishing your dog!" and she tried to stop but only pushed it down farther and made things worse.  This whole time the dog didn't even make a sound.  Its eyes looked like they would pop out of its head and it was the funniest thing.  She finally got the chair up but the dog wouldn't move, so she prodded it with her foot and I noticed the dog had peed everywhere and it was having a seizure.   She thought it was no big deal but it couldn't move and it was shaking and foaming at the mouth and had a perma-fried half smile on its face.  So this whole time I was trying not to laugh out loud and just dying.  She held it on her lap and said he was fine but it just kept drooling all over the place.  She started to hold his head so it wouldn't shake and kept saying "good girl just breathe. " She said it happens often but we told her to take the dog in to get checked out.  All in all it was one of those things you had to be there for but it looked like  Scrat the Squirrel from Ice Age but fat, having a seizure and peeing everywhere."

In other missionary news, I got a call late Friday night from a family in Colorado where Spencer had been eating dinner.  They have partnered with a doctor in Colorado who has developed this system of dealing with pain and other things relating to rhythms in the body.  It's all based on the fact that every cell in our body functions on a the brain waves.  For the sake of time and space on a page, this machine aligns the body's frequencies.

So, they have only had a few units produced and they are in research and testing phase.  They told me that they had talked to Spencer about it and he was really interested in trying it out, so they did a session on him.  They want the kids and I go down to Colorado next week and spend a week there, trying this out.  It's not convenient for us to go there, plus, as long as Spencer is in that town, I'm not going anywhere near!  What kind of torture would that be for a homesick mom?

They are going to talk to the doctor and see if he will consent to sending me a machine and learning to use it over Skype and then doing some research for them.  I would be interested to see if it helps my arthritis pain.  More interesting than this, is what Spencer had to say about the experience.

"They were telling us all about this crazy idea that a man was inspired to make.  They showed us and I was asking them about it and what it could do for genetic problems.  They aren't sure because its all new and in testing but they have a way to cure gluten intolerance and lactose problems and pain and stuff like that. They hooked me up to it after dinner.  They just started by focusing on some pain points.  I have had a big problem with my knee for a while ever since I started working for Tire Factory and stuff.  It used to be really sensitive to the touch but as soon as it was over, I didn't have any pain to the touch.   It still slightly hurts when I exercise but I think after another round or something,  it could be gone.  Its a really crazy thing but the whole time we had the conversation and when I was hooked up to the machine, I felt really good.  For some reason, it just felt like I was supposed to be there.  Also, I  don't think I  ever mentioned this to you before but I have seen their house in a dream that I have had since I was a kid.  I'm not sure why or what it means but I thought that it was interesting.  They want me to try using it once a week so I will give it a go! "

This is the second time Spencer has been in this town.  He was not happy about having to move back there three weeks ago but I kept telling him, there is a reason you need to be there.  I'm still not sure what purposes God has in store for him but I know that Spencer has been pretty under the weather the past couple of months.  Maybe this is just what he needed to get his energy back.  I don't know if it works or will work long term but I trust his instincts.  It will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds for him and for us.

Well, that's it from the world of the walking dysfunctional.

Tomorrow, I will post the past few gifts from my 29 Gifts project!  I have some interesting things planned this week if it all goes as planned.  This weeks kicks off another non stop hospital and doctor tour between the two kids so, there may be some improvising.



  1. Goosebumps!!! The Lord really does work in mysterious ways! I pray this will be something that will be able to help you all! And, the dog story....Oh.My. Gosh! So funny!!!


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