29 Gifts Day 2

I was really excited about today's gift.  Donuts for the Dump...that's what I'm calling it.

Lately, I have been dealing with some pretty insensitive people.  On top of already stressful situations, its annoying to have to face secretaries, nurses, doctors,bank tellers, school teachers, Walmart checkers, who are just grumpy and cranky.  Some of the people I run into have pretty decent jobs, make a good living and work for great companies, I don't understand what makes them grumpy.

I have been frequenting the dump a lot lately because I have been totally overhauling my house and while I don't have a truck, I stuff my car to the gills, things dragging along behind me and I head to the transfer station.

The transfer station or the dump is a horrible, disgusting place! The floor is slimy and you have to pull right in among all the trash and unload, so you slip and slide around, especially when you are wearing your little patent flats from the Gap.

Birds sit perched on the trash, worn out boxes and up in the ceiling rafters.  They buzz down to see if what you are dumping is worth their while.  Mixed in with the birds are cats.  I hate cats.  On top of the critters mulling around, you can hardly breathe.  In fact, when I go to the dump, I pretty much plan on not breathing from the time I hit the overhead doors until I am a safe distant from the building, like a couple of miles down the road.

As I was unloading my stuff on Monday afternoon, I thought about how it would feel to come to work here every single day.  I would find plenty to complain about.

I drove back around through the scales and headed up to pay.  When I got to the window, I was greeted by the happiest two women I have ever known.  They were so cheerful and asked how my day was going.  I was expecting some grumpy, old tattered soul, just punching a time clock with maybe a few whiskers growing out of their chiny, chin, chin but no...they were nice, clean, happy women!

I drove all the way home, just amazed that they could be so happy in such a forlorn and stinky place.  I decided that they needed a gift.

This morning, I picked up a dozen donuts and drove out to the dump to tell those sweet ladies how much I appreciated their cheerfulness and I could tell they weren't just faking a smile but that they really wanted to be helpful and do a good job.  I told them that anymore, all you run into is grumpy people at work and of all the jobs, they certainly could have a free ticket to complain all they wanted but they seemed so happy in their work.

They were so appreciative.  One lady said, "No one ever tells us we are doing a good job, let alone that we are happy but we are happy! It's a great place to work and we are so grateful to have a job!"

I seriously wanted to cry...I was really touched.

I don't think you can find too many people anymore with job satisfaction like that.  In fact, today, I was around a group of secretaries complaining that the free lunch they were given was from Subway.  "Gross, I guess I won't be eating today!"  Free lunch, and they complained? Such a stark contrast to my experience at the dump.

It was another reminder to me that some people don't ask for much.  They just quietly go about their job, grateful and happy to have a job and all they really require is just a little love and acceptance yet, it seems like the hardest thing in the world to give.



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