Our night in the ER

Okay, this disease is really starting to get on my nerves!!

Sam spiked a fever last night and his cough would not stop, literally, he could hardly catch his breath so I took him up to the ER.

I'm sure glad I did.  His white count is triple what it should be, he has blood in his urine and some liver numbers are all messed up!  What the heck? I am so tired of this...seriously!!  We need one little break. His blood pressure was 179/72 or something crazy high and his heart rate was 110.  Good grief.  

So, antibiotics, cough syrup and breathing treatments...no school til who knows when.

Now, I get to start investigating why the liver numbers are freaking out!  It just never ends.  I was really hoping we were just experiencing a hiccup in the road but after the heart doctor yesterday, ER last night and all this...I'm beginning to wonder if this is just our new normal.  If so, I am finding myself to be quite ill prepared to take this monster of a disease on!

Ahh....not a happy camper tonight.



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