29 Gifts Day 1

Today is the start of my second annual 29 Gifts project!  For the first time in weeks, I feel a different kind of energy.  I also committed my kids to participating with me more this year than they did last year.

I was so excited to stumble upon a non profit organization called Color A Smile.  They are an organization who has sent over 1 million pictures to children, senior citizens, military, anyone in need of receiving a smile in the mail!  When I read about their mission, it was right up my alley!  I love the whole concept of this and how easy to help!

They provide the sheets to color.  All you do is download, print, color, then pop them in the mail and if possible, include a little donation!

Tonight, we each colored two pictures.  It seems like such a childish thing to do but it was really so relaxing to just do something simple and help someone at the same time.

Just for fun, instead of putting our real names, we used artist's names like Michael A.  and Pablo P.  We had such a great time, sitting by the fire, coloring and pretending we were little again.  That was a bigger stretch for me than the kids!

We are off to a great start!!!

I am so excited about tomorrow's gift, I can hardly wait to give it!  Stay tuned...you will never guess what I do!


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