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Stupid and Proud

Is it possible to be both stupid and proud of yourself at the same time?

Yes.  It is.  If you are me...that is entirely possible and actually happened today.

Sam called me about 5 minutes after he left for school to report that his car quit.  By the time I got to him, 5 minutes away, he was able to start it back up and drive it in to the gas station parking lot.

I arrived, popped the hood and stared at the engine.  I'm girl...what did you expect me to do?

I did actually pray to know what to do because Heaven knows...I can not afford anymore car problems.

The thought came to me to check the oil...So, I found the dipstick, checked the oil and it was bone dry!  Then I thought to check the coolant and surprised myself that I even knew where the coolant was.  It too was bone dry.

I headed in to the gas station and bought some coolant and oil.  I really had no clue what kind of oil to buy but I was thinking that since all I ever hear about is Penzoil 10W30, it must be pretty common and this was a pretty common, albeit old car, so I bought one quart.  I also bought a gallon of coolant.

Just as I was headed back to the car, my friend's husband was on the scene.  He was very helpful and it was nice to have some back up mostly to validate that what I was doing wouldn't completely kill the car but I'll admit, I felt like a fool when he asked me how long it had been since the oil had been changed.  I seriously thought it had been since before Spencer left on his mission because I haven't taken it anywhere!

I figure I'm doing pretty good to work full time, nurse full time, be a mom full time...I kind of depend on my kids telling me when their cars aren't working and then I deal with it.  I's a poor technique.

I forgot that we replaced the radiator in November and had the oil changed at that time.  Thanks to Sam for being bright enough to look on the windshield sticker.  I'm such a dork!  Anyways, my friend's husband took care of putting the oil in.  While he was doing that, another friend's husband showed up because he saw us all out there.  He asked if there was gas in the car.  What a great question...why didn't I think of that?

Cause I'm a dork! And...because I have come expect big problems...not simple problems.

Sure gas!  I could blame Sam for not keeping an eye on his gas gauge but in his defense, the gas gauge isn't accurate.  The only way I really knew he was completely out was because it took all 14 gallons of gas and then a little more.

  Sam had gone back in the store to get a paper cup we could use to funnel the coolant in so while he did that, I drove it over to the pump.  I could not even turn the steering wheel!!!  Seriously!  So...I looked like a huge dork, trying to steer this car.  I probably looked like I have never driven in my life. I don't even know how Sam got around town with a steering wheel like that.

I asked the guys about that so they checked the power steering fluid and the transmission fluid...bone dry!!!  What the heck?

So, off I go, back in to make another purchase of power steering fluid.

The guys filled that up and what do you know?  Sam could steer!!

They were so kind and patient and helpful...It was truly a gift and they were both late for work!  I felt so bad.  I'm sure they thought I was a pretty careless person to not have a clue what was up with our cars but if they were thinking that, they sure didn't make me feel like an idiot.  I did that all on my own.

Sometimes, it takes these little hiccups in life to point out where you are dropping the ball so you can course correct.  So, after school, Sam and I will be taking a field trip to the auto parts store for 5 more quarts of oil and some headlights because strangely enough...those burnt out today on my car!

Thankfully, changing headlights is my area of expertise but now so is oil, coolant and power steering fluid!

Plenty of lessons learned today.  I learned that I will pay more attention to maintenance on our cars but at the same time, I'm glad I got as far as I did before help arrived.  I was blessed for sure because as you know...I'm just not that smart!



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