Christmas Day

Christmas day actually felt pretty normal!  No one was in pain, no one was sick, no one was scared, or at least they didn't show it, and Sam didn't lose his vision!  So, all in all it was a great blessing.

We woke up to a foot of snow which was beautiful and made for a lot of shoveling which, call me crazy, I really like to do! Except I wrecked my now I look like a dork in a brace.

 Sam got the coat he's been wanting for months and months!  I actually bought it clear back in October when we were in Seattle at the hospital.

 Shelbie got a sign for her bedroom.  It says, 'Don't let yesterday, use up too much of today."

Spencer...Shelbie and Sam figured out how to get all the technology talking to each other so we could see him on the big screen!  So much better than my phone!

Spencer Skyped with us in the afternoon and it was so great to see him.  He has lost a little more weight which I didn't love to see but he is doing fine.  I couldn't wait to hear how Christmas worked out for him after all.  So, I asked him what he actually got...

He said, "Well, I got a collection of Sephora makeup, a red leather clutch purse, a calendar of New Hampshire, some large, red flannel and plaid pajamas that said 'To Andy, love Grandma'. And two pairs of socks, a tie and a CD."

Huh??!!  I don't get it.  What the heck happened?  How the heck did that happen?

Both the Wasband and I sent him socks and ties but we will never know if they are the socks and ties we actually sent and judging from the mix up, I'm guessing they aren't.   Oh well, I guess it made for a host of surprises on Christmas morning.

It was strange to start talking about plans for this coming year.  Spencer has only been in a biking area 6 weeks out of his mission.  He asked the President if there was any way he could be back in a biking zone and the President said, "No."  He is afraid it will make him sick because of the cold weather.  I'm a little relieved to hear that.  I didn't really mind but I did worry about asthma attacks and stuff.  We talked about packing some stuff up and shipping it home, like the bike since he is not going to need it for the next 7 months. We also got to meet his two companions.  They are both really nice and they get along well.

Shelbie and Sam had a great Christmas. We slept in, ate crepes, ate crepes and drank Pepsi!  It was just relaxed and nice to not have to work, check emails, Facebook...pretty much nothing. Just simple.



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