Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Shouldn't pneumonia start getting better after three days of IV antibiotics?  One would think.

I guess, considering his poorly functioning marrow and the rock bottom blood counts, it's going to take a little longer than the average person but today he is worse.  Much worse!

Makes me sad.  I made a joke on FB that I was waiting on him hand and foot but then said, 'Not really, I'm not that compassionate."  The truth is, I am trying to wait on him hand and foot but he suggests I find a hobby that doesn't involve taking care of him!

I hate to see him so uncomfortable so any little thing I can do, I want to do.

He is in more pain.  His cough isn't productive anymore, just tight and dry.  He still has a fever off and on.  His heart rate is still elevated as well as his blood pressure.  He has a lot of GI distress already from the antibiotics and I fear the C-diff has already started.  I can't be sure but I think.  I hope I am pleasantly surprised and we can avoid another bout of that!  If he gets C-diff he will surely be off school for the entire month of December!

 He has no appetite, no desire to drink.  When we left the hospital, he just shivered and shook all the way home and once home, he fell on the sofa in a twisted sort of way and didn't move.  Just shivered. When we got home from the hospital today, I made him his favorite lunch, Mac and Cheese.  He ate 2 bites and dumped the rest.

I really hope he turns a corner tomorrow.   By then, it will be 7 days of this.

Tonight, we are going to get him into a steam room and see if we can loosen things up.  I find it odd that the doctor didn't even prescribe steroids,  cough syrup, nothing...nothing to help keep him comfortable.

For now, I guess we just stay the course.  It's a good week to slow down.


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