Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Broken Christmas

"I just don't have the Christmas spirit." Shelbie said today. "I'm so worn out and tired."

I have worried the past few days, that all these setbacks are going to chase away the Christmas Spirit.

Every year, I work so hard to keep December calm and peaceful.  I have been lucky enough to master that the past several years.  I don't rush around and feel crazy with shopping, parties, baking...all to collapse on Christmas Eve and have it all lay in a heap 12 hours later.

But...I didn't really plan on this chasing away what I work so hard to do.

Maybe all is not lost. We may not be doing the traditional things to get and keep that Christmasy spirit but we are certainly focused on Christ and isn't that what it's all about?

There is nothing more we can do, than pray for resolve.  To trust in a Heavenly Father who surely gives good gifts to His children, is the most Christmasy thing that can be done.  To reflect on the life of Christ, His birth, His mission and His death is the ultimate in Christmas gifts.  To remain focused on Christ will be what saves this Christmas.

It's true, the timing of all this is no fun but it could be worse and when you think about it, the best things in life rarely happen on an ideal time frame.  Even the very birth we celebrate this month was riddled with poor timing.  I can't imagine anything worse than giving birth in a stable, laying on a mound of hay, with animals sharing in the experience.

So, maybe it is a broken Christmas and maybe Deck The Halls and Joy to the World haven't been echoing through the house and we aren't rushing from store to store to wrap things up and there aren't a lot of parties to attend or friends to see, ugly sweaters to wear and maybe I forget to turn on the Christmas tree lights and maybe I didn't even have enough energy to hang up the Pine Wreath on the door, instead just laid it on the planter, and maybe I have no idea what we will do or what we will eat on Christmas Eve but maybe...Just maybe...It's going to be the best Christmas ever...


I have my kids.  I have the love of my Saviour.  I have hope.

This has been my favorite Christmas song this month...I play it every morning before I start work.

I think God really does like broken things and like one of the lines in this song...To put on Christ til his name feels broken in.  That is exactly what we are trying to do this week, to salvage a broken but sweet Christmas season!



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