The Dying, Brene Brown, and other happenings.

Nothing like spending time with the dying to finish off the week.  Seriously.  I am being very serious when I say that there is something so profound to be standing in the room of someone so close to the gates of Heaven.

I have been privileged to stay at the bedside of some very valiant and special women as they passed from this life to the next. Just in the past two years, I have watched 3 of my close friends pass away.  Without a doubt, each experience has been Holy.  Without ever experiencing it, you would think that the sadness hangs heavy in the room but sadness doesn't even dare, darken the door of one dying.  Fear itself steers clear in that moment when the inevitable is embraced.  I feel like this opportunity to be with my friend is a gift, a good gift from God. I learn so much and grow closer to Heaven.

The room fills with humility.  Reverence for life, the gift that we often take for granted washes over you.  The connection to God is undisturbed and the feelings of his love are gentle and clear. It's a dedicating moment to one who has fulfilled their divine purpose.  Above all, holding the frail hand of a dying person is welcome shift in perspective.  To see all the chaos of daily living just fall away because it really doesn't matter is staggering.

So, I am leaving this week with gratitude for the opportunities I have to experience and learn about death.

In other news...I am taking part two of Brene Brown's course, The Gift of Imperfection.  I am so excited to work more on being imperfect!  How fun!  Really.

Here's a recap of the week when it comes to family:

Shelbie is back on her feet after over a week of sickness, the fog is lifting and we are climbing out of our fatigue.

Sam has an injured finger...maybe broken but we will have to wait until the swelling goes down a bit to see for sure.

Sam also got his first parking ticket at's my fault I guess because I didn't get around to filling out the paperwork for the parking permit.  Oh well, it was a great way for us to work through something like this.  He was really scared to show me the ticket.  When he finally told me, I knew he was expecting a big reaction of anger and disappointment so...(my favorite parenting technique) I did the opposite of what he was expecting...I high fived him!!  I love surprising my kids...they pay attention and it ends up being a great time to teach and they are open to talking.  So, no big deal...a parking ticket.

I am looking forward to the weekend as we watch LDS Conference and glean a little peace and perspective!

Have a great weekend!



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