Adventures in Car Trouble

Yesterday, I finally got my car fixed.  Sort of fixed.  I can't afford the $1500 bill yet and really could only afford to fix $400 of that turned into $700.  Oh well, my credit card company and I are now besties...

So, all weekend, that darn car was leaving me in a lurch and not starting.  It was so frustrating and my problems were compounded with pouring rain.  I would have just walked or rode a bike but my arthritis with the rain and cold was not going to have it.

Every time it wouldn't start, I would sit there and pray mightily and explain that I had to get to work, I had to get here and there...Then, with a deep breath that waited to exhale, I turned the key..., spew....then the engine turned over and began roaring again!  I backed into every parking stall just in case it had to be towed.  Thankfully, I made it through the weekend.

When I took the car in to my favorite shop, Clair and Dees, the guy at the desk checked with the  mechanic to make sure the parts were in and he said, "My mechanic really doesn't want you to take the car until the brakes are fixed.  He said you really need to stop."  You know me...I couldn't resist having a little fun with this guy...

"He thinks I need to stop?  Really?  Obviously, the mechanic doesn't know how much I love surprises!  Surprises and adventure...that's what I thrive on.  I really can't afford the brakes so it will be fine."

"Are you serious?  Cause, really, your brakes are bad!"
"Okay, I guess if you think I can't handle a couple of worn brakes, I will let you fix them.  I really need the battery replaced too because it kept leaving me stuck all weekend."
"Oh no, where were you stuck?  You should have called us."
"It's okay, I was stuck at the temple.  I just prayed and prayed that it would start and it did!!! I mean, seriously, if a prayer isn't heard at the temple, where is it heard right?"

I'm pretty sure this guy thought I was crazy but was fun.  Life throws you lemons and you have to find a way to sweeten the deal with a little sarcasm.  

Yesterday was also my birthday but I'm sure thrilled with my presents I bought for myself, new brakes, new battery, new oxygen sensor for the fuel line...I was getting tired packing that oxygen tank around so my car could breathe!  Let's see...spark plugs, I love those!  I'm looking all cool showing off my new gear. My gas mileage went up 6 miles per gallon which is awesome since gas just jumped 15 cents a gallon!! What a racket that is!

I have $800 more to go before the car is back to its happy self but that will have to wait til I replenish my rainy day account!



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