Too much

There's an awful lot going on here, so much so that I have not had one second to blog much less do anything else.  It's getting to the point where I am no longer keeping up mentally or emotionally, not to mention physically.  The bulk of my worries is from this stupid Healthcare situation and the fact that Obama has not one brain cell in his puny head to do one thing right!

The latest insurance drama is that Seattle Children's has taken a stand against the Affordable Care Act and will not be participating in the exchanges.  That is serious and if it sticks, will be a huge, monumental hit to our family.  All of our doctors are at Seattle Children's.  All of them are experts in their field and all of them work closely with the one of three doctors in this country smart enough and caring enough to deal with Shwachman Diamond Syndrome. Seattle has been a huge blessing to us and the angst I am feeling over this is compounding daily, not to mention my continual worry over how I'm going to pay for it all.  Only time will tell and I am working so hard to let it go because nothing I do or say is going to change the course of this situation.

Secondly, I am so sick to death of doctors.  It has been the most frustrating two weeks of my entire life.  I don't know what is going on with doctors but they are too busy, too proud, too something to do their job right!  If I hear the words "Let's wait and see" one more time, I swear I am going to lose off the handle...go get the picture.  Of course there are about a dozen stories about this to tell and I might get to them all eventually but for's the latest.

I have been gone two days to Utah to take Shelbie to the airport and take care of some business things.  Sam stayed home with his dad.  Sam got sick.  I got home from Utah in just enough time to get him to the clinic before they closed for the weekend.  There is nothing worse than getting sick on the weekend.  We have been seeing the same docs here for about 9 years maybe a bit longer so they know us, they know Shwachmans and they know my kids.  They know all about the blood problems, bone marrow problems etc.

Now, so you Samuel's entire life, he has never had a white count above 3.0, ever unless he is fighting a major infection and his body has actually decided to make some attempt to fight it, then, it usually jumps up to 4 or 5.  He is typically sitting around 2.3.   Well, today, his white count was nearly 6!  To jump from 2.3-6 is significant.  When the doctor brought in the blood work, he said, "Wow, he is doing great!"  I looked at it and said, "No he's not.  His white count is nearly triple his normal! It's high!"
"It is not high" he said.
"I know for a normal person, this is a normal count but for Sam, it is very high."  He actually started arguing the point.  I finally just said, 'Okay.' because I have not one drop of energy to devote to ignorance. Despite our differences, Sam does have bronchitis.  Here we go with a week of antibiotics and cross our fingers C-Diff doesn't show up....AGAIN!!

I have had my own horrible rounds with doctors and I will get to that.  For the past 4 years, I have gone to the doctors about the same three problems.  Every single time and every single doctor, and I have seen 4 different docs about it, they all say, "Well, I'm not too sure what this could be.  Don't worry about it.  Let's wait and see."  Four years!!! Four years this has been going on.  I finally had enough because things seem to be changing and I am in pain and discomfort.  I don't understand why doctors have become so lazy!

On a positive note...I got to get rid of the walking boot.  I just have to have the kinesiology tape wrapped on it daily and I'm still going to physical therapy but this is progress right?



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