The love of a stranger

Every now and then, someone comes into my life in the most unexpected ways.

I have met the most loving people through blogging.  I haven't actually met them but we exchange thoughts through comments left on a blog post and emails.  Mostly, these woman are strong, honest, caring women who know what suffering is.  They know the meaning of the word tired.  They know frustration and they know sadness and anger that burns you from the inside out.

They also know joy, the kind of joy that comes without words to describe.

I love these women because they are authentic and honest.

I have had such a hard time lately with the medical community.  It hasn't been so much with the kids but problems with me.  From my mysterious ankle problems to now mysterious lumps that have plagued my body, even one in my left kidney.  The list is long.  I have been trying to resolve some of these things for months, at least 9 months.  I have been to multiple doctors and none of them are willing to address the problems at hand.  It has left me feeling downright crazy!  So frustrated that I have cried rivers of salty tears mostly out of frustration.  The only thing every doctor can agree on is that it isn't normal.

Well, I have found this kindred spirit via the internet.  Our children have so much in common in terms of the disease process.  We think alike and have been really good at 'being' there for each other.  It has really made the choking isolation I have felt lately feel a little lighter and more manageable.

In a desperate moment last night, I wrote her a lengthy letter.  I just needed someone to talk to.  Someone to witness the problems, validate me and remind me that God has a way of working things out.   She did just that.  She didn't try to fix anything, tell me I was losing Faith or convince me I just needed more hope...she just did what most people have a hard time doing...sitting in the mess with me!  There are no answers right now, just a bunch of questions, she gets that.

So, tonight, I am really grateful for my friend S.  Sometimes strangers make all the difference in the world.  God does give good gifts even if it is friends in far places.



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