This will never work...

One last story from my hospital visit last week.  I had to have an IV while I was there.  This nurse walks in and I can tell by looking at her that she did not love her job.

She gets her stuff all ready to for the IV and pulls out a catheter from the package.  She looks at it, then looks again and tries to mess with something on the end of the needle with her un-gloved finger. She starts mumbling and she says, "This is never going to work."

I wasn't sure if I should ask her what wasn't going to work because I have veins you can drive a semi tractor through so basically, I could have threaded the catheter myself, or if I should just let her carry on a conversation with herself.  I let her just keep talking to herself.  I tried to play dead.

Then she says, "There's a darn hook on the end of this needle, those never work."  However, despite her convincing monologue, she proceeds to try to thread it in my vein.  She was right.  It didn't work.  In fact, she went through my vein, right through it to the other side and of course pulling it out did not feel that great because it had a hook on the end of it.  I continued to play dead.

She tried again and I swear, she would not stop grunting and complaining to herself.  Finally, she achieves success.  Sheesh!!  What a gem.

The moral of the story...I'm not really sure actually...I guess when in doubt...Play Dead.



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