IVIG tomorrow

Tomorrow is another IVIG day.  We are about 3 weeks late in getting this dose and boy can I tell. We've tried to get it sooner but so many people needed their pictures taken for Christmas cards and gifts that there wasn't a good time to schedule it.  Our doctor was a little miffed but you have to pick your battles. This is going to sound weird but I am 'excited' to see what her counts are.  Okay excited is not the word but neither is 'anxious'.  Let's go with curious.  I am curious to see what her blood is doing.

Everyday, there is a new crop of petechiae somewhere on her body.  She is having the hardest time controlling her body temperature, her blood pressure and a host of other problems.  IVIG will bump her platelets up and calm the dysautonomia.

I am really looking forward to Friday though.  Shelbie is slated to sing at the church Christmas party.  I am praying she will be able to sing without the companion of meningitis.  She is singing with the Bishop again.  It will be the first time in 4 years she has sung anything!  I heard them practicing the other night and I was moved to tears.  Her voice is so melodic and angelic though at the same time, I was sad to see how this disease has robbed her of so many things she needs to sing like she use to, like oxygen.  It was really hard for her to keep up her breathing while singing.  

But, regardless of how Friday turns out, I am proud of her.  Proud that she keeps her commitments,  proud that she keeps on going no matter how hard things get for her.  


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