I don't get it

I took Sam in to the doctor's today.  Our regular docs were out so we saw a different one.  I asked again if we could just schedule an MRI to see if there are any tears in Sam's knee that would need surgery.  If he is headed for surgery, I want it sooner than later.  Once again, I was told, it's too soon!!

What the heck do you mean it's too soon?!!  What are we waiting for?  The boy fell from a height of at least 4' and landed square on his knee, on a wood floor!  His knee took all the impact!  It is swollen to 3 times the size of his other leg and there is no recognizable knee cap!  I know kids who end up with knee surgery for way less impact than that.  If he escapes complications from this, it will be a major blessing!

We have had our fair share of broken things; ribs, more ribs, heads, ankle, foot, leg and back but I have never seen anything like this kind of tissue damage.  With the breaks, there was a little swelling but that's it.  I didn't know that you can get a fever just from trauma like this.  I also didn't know that when fluid is leaking from a joint because of an injury, there is a huge risk for a serious tissue infection called Cellulitis.  It can even be life threatening in a person with a compromised immune system.

So, I am hoping for the best this weekend.  Of course, he has to be at his dad's so that stinks and I'm not really a happy camper tonight.  I wrote out specific instructions for him to stay off his leg and keep it elevated and immobilized and iced.  I think I told him a hundred times so he won't forget.

On a bright note, despite Shelbie's difficult transfusion yesterday she has only reported a manageable headache and no hives!  That is huge!  She was able to attend the church Christmas party and even sing with the Bishop.  She did a beautiful job and I was really proud of her.  When she practiced earlier today, she almost passed out.  She was having the hardest time catching her breath I really didn't think she was going to make it tonight but she pulled through.  What a champ!

Oh, I better clarify something because I was pretty angry with our ER doc yesterday...our County hospital was just rated in the top 25 worst hospitals.  I think it was even in the top 5!  I wanted to share what Dr. John Allred says about that report, he did a lot of research to find out why since he works there and this is what he found.
This company is a 'for profit' research company that could be in a lot of hot water with hospitals all over the
 country. The American Hospital Association (AHA) out of Washington DC released a statement today that their research was full of Methodological Issues, Bias, use of unreliable measures, measures that were unfairly weighted, and significant errors in data. Essentially this company gave their best guess based on almost no accurate data. This study DOES NOT evaluate Nursing or Physician care in Obstetrics or Pediatrics. The most recent data released by the AHA ranks MMH and EIRMC as some of the top hospitals for their size and population base. The primary measures reported for MMH which resulted in such a low grade were 1. No hospitalist in 2009 and 2. No electronic order sets in 2009. Both of which MMH has in place in 2012."

Based on my experience with all the hospitals we visit I still think our local hospital is among the best despite our odd experience yesterday.  It is way better, hands down than the next closest hospital we have just 30 minutes away.  That hospital is poorly designed, filthy, high patient to staff ratio and in the past has had the highest rate of staph infections!  

The staff and doctors at our little hospital are so kind and attentive.  The nurses are top notch and really care.  They do their homework!  Even when we get a new nurse for Shelbie, they have spent the previous day reviewing her past hospital admissions, reading information about Shwachman Diamond Syndrome and Mitochondrial Disease, and suggesting ideas that will help her cope for the day ahead.  I really appreciate the people we get to work with at the hospital here.  Don't believe everything you read I guess!



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