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One Mystery Solved

The eye mystery has been solved!

Can I have a Hallelujah??!!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a doctor say..."What you have is a very rare condition called..." I would not be sitting in this arctic town...I'd be laying on a white sands beach somewhere, living in the coolest tree house ever!

Anyhow...Shelbie has a rare autoimmune condition called Staph Marginal Keratitis affecting her cornea.

Basically, we all have a certain amount of staph bacteria on our eyes.  It's actually there as a good thing.  Shelbie's body has decided it really doesn't want the bacteria hanging out in her eyes and is causing an angry outburst against it.  So, what looks like a horrible case of conjunctivitis is actually inflammation with a touch of infection.  It is not contagious in case you have seen her.

Hopefully, some steroids will calm things down, however, it can be a chronic condition. Let's hope it isn't chronic because it is really painful in addition to the fact she can hardly tolerate any amount of light.  We've been living as Vampires with the blinds closed up tight.  She sits in the dark basement for relief. I think we caught it soon enough she won't have too much scarring and tissue damage but we won't know for a week or so.

Next week, we go back to make sure things are moving in the right direction.

I can't even tell you how good it feels to have one problem with an answer!  Just one!  But that's one less mess to worry about!

Just as a side note...Got Spencer's letter today.  I have not told Spencer anything about what is happening around here.  I just tell him the good things and if I can't think of good things to tell him, I just keep it general and generic.  Lately, it's been pretty general. Again, he said the most profound things..."I know you are doing great and all, but when the trials come, remember it's because the Lord trusts you in making the right choices through it.  It is just preparatory to a glorious and wonderful eternal life.  Just think how much  more it will mean to you, knowing you worked hard to follow the Lord and make the right choices so that we may enter the Kingdom of God."  He went on to quote a line from a football player..."You're already in pain, you may as well get a reward from it."

I guess so!  Man, we are hanging in there.  I am grateful that Spencer is in tune to our needs. We are doing much better this week as far as our spirits go.  I was pretty frustrated this morning with trying to line up all of these appointments and nothing working out.  Part of trusting God is trusting his timing too!

So, on to the next big thing!



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