A Missionary Moment

I'm really grateful for the tender mercies I find in each day.  Today, a special moment in the donut shop.

I was helping my friend's daughter run some errands and one stop included the donut shop.  We were looking at the donuts and she was deciding on the flavors, when the lady behind the counter said, "Your son is teaching my dad."

Keep in mind, this woman was a total stranger to me.  Her face didn't even look familiar to me.  I have never met her, ever!   I was a little confused because when she said that, I was thinking of Sam in my head.  I thought...What?? Sam is teaching her dad?  What is he teaching him?  Parkour?

So, I said, "Really?  What is he teaching him?"
"The missionary discussions." she said.
"OHHHH....funny!  I was thinking of my younger son!  Wow!  Who is your dad?"

She went on to explain that her father lives in Grand Junction and Spencer tracted him out when he was there a year ago.  He ended up back there and tracted him again.  She said that Spencer is such a great missionary and her dad doesn't trust anyone else like he trusts Spencer.  "He loves Spencer!", she said.  She has all the hope in the world that Spencer will be able to help her dad accept the gospel.

That was so nice of her to say that about Spencer.  I was still confused as to how she knew me so I asked, "How did you know I was Spencer's mom?"

"Oh...bec...Actually, I don't really know how I knew!"

It was a cool interaction and I was grateful to hear that Spencer is making a difference to this family.

As for updates today...another crazy day!

Shelbie's eye just keeps getting worse and Sunday night, her vision started going blurry so I took her back to our doctor today.  After another thorough look and a second opinion from another doc in the clinic, they concluded that she has a very serious eye problem and it isn't an infection.   They think it's an issue with the collagen in her eye.  They said that it can cause vision loss if not treated promptly!  It was too late in the day to get in to the ophthalmologist so first thing in the morning hopefully!

While we were there, the CT scans came through that we've been waiting for to compare to the x-ray.  The doctor grabbed the report and came in to read it in front us.  I had never seen it so was interested to get my hands on it.  Turns out the pulmonologist misinformed us again!!!  I would even say flat out lied.  There is nothing conclusive that suggests Shelbie has a fungus in her lungs.  It does say that her lungs are scattered with nodules which could be from....and then a list of possibilities, including cancer!   There is no way to know unless they are biopsied or something!  Not only that, she has some massive lymph nodes up against her kidney and her aorta as well as several enlarged nodes throughout her body including her lungs as well!

I watched our doctor's jaw literally drop!  He said, "I can't believe what I'm reading and he said it was fine, not to worry!  This is not fine!  We need to get her into a different pulmonologist as soon as possible!"

Good grief...when is this going to end!  I can't believe what is happening.  I had a friend suggest I must feel like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz...in the middle of a tornado!  Yep, pretty much!

Still waiting on Utah to return my 5 calls!!



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