29 Gifts Day 18-22

I had someone ask me this week  if this project has been energizing this year or just another thing to get done.  It hasn't been as energizing as last year.  Last year, we didn't have quite so many hard things going on.  However, it hasn't been just another thing either.

It's been something I have to do for my own sanity.  It's something that when I do it, I feel better.  It buys me a little peace for a few hours, more than I would have normally had.  It's always a good thing to get out of your own head and problems and focus on something meaningful.  I actually had way bigger things planned for this year's challenge, but my energy is low, time is spent and I knew I realistically couldn't pull off the things I had planned.  It think it's worked out great all the same.

So, Day 18...
      I had heard through the grapevine, about a young girl whose parent's were going through a divorce and she was struggling.  The family, from what little I knew, didn't have much and the girl was in need of clothes.  I didn't ask for anymore detail than that and got to work.  I went to my closet to gather some gently used items that would fit her and bought her some new shirts and a hoodie, then packaged them all up in a cute little backpack she could use for school.  I really enjoyed this gift.  It didn't cost much at all because I bought most of it from clearance racks and coupons I added to the already inexpensive price.  I'm a pro at finding name brand clothes for $4!  So, it was fun in more ways than one.  I gave the gift to the individual who first approached me and they will be sure she gets it.  I will never know her, and she will never know me...that makes it really cool!

 Day 19

    I received a call from a contractor asking me if I could design a bathroom for a man who had MS but recently had a large tumor removed.  The surgery left him a paraplegic.  He can't come home from the hospital/rehab until his house is accessible.  So, the contractor is busy building ramps, widening doors, changing the flooring etc.  He gave me dimensions and I drew a few ideas.  It became necessary for me to go look at the space.  While  I was there, I met this man's wife.  They are an older couple.  I took some other measurements, visited with her about some of her concerns, offered some advice and tips on caring for a disabled person, transferring methods etc.  I've done some care for disabled people, mostly end of life care but I am also certified in Aging in Place and Healthcare Design is my area of expertise.

It didn't take long for the Spirit to nudge me and I told her that I would offer my design services, drafting etc at no charge anything she needs, even down the road.  It did my heart good to see her cry in joy!  (not to see her cry but you know what I mean.) They had been planning a mission together when their life took a detour.  I am so excited for the plan I came up with!  Any able bodied person would love the new shower and, they will both be able to enjoy it!  It's 8' long and 5' wide with a bench that spans one end.  He will be able to roll right on in and spin around and be self sufficient!  She won't have to worry about cleaning shower doors since it's a walk in shower!  It's going to be awesome!  Probably the most exciting thing I've done in months!
 Day 20

     Have you heard of The Pencil Project?  Me neither until I was looking for something fun to do and then I stumbled upon it.  It's usually groups that donate hundreds, even thousands of pencils to this non profit organization that helps kids with much needed school supplies.   I am only one person but I was able to donate 100 pencils!
 Day 21
       It's often through strangers that a prayer is answered.  Today, I wrote some long overdue thank you notes to near strangers who acted upon a prompting to talk to me.  I don't even really know these people but I know how to get back in touch with them.  It was simple but meant a lot to me.
 Day 22

      This was today's gift!  I had to take Shelbie in to the mall tonight and so I took with me over a dozen of these little flower sunshine bendables.  As we walked through the mall, I handed them out to little kids I saw.  It was pretty cool that a couple of the girls had visible disabilities and their little faces just lit up in pure happiness when I gave them a little sunshine!!  That's exactly what I needed today!  One little girl got so excited...she told me she had a blue one but it broke and would be so happy to have an orange one!  Sweet!

     In one store, the male clerk asked why I was carrying all these and I told him I was going to give them out to people who needed a little sunshine in their life.  Then I said, "Do you need a little sunshine?"

"Actually, ya, I do!"

So, I gave him one...even 30 something men appreciate a little thoughtfulness from a stranger.



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