Not so fast...

Well, this afternoon, we go to see about all of Shelbie's pending tests from the Pulmonologist.  I'm pretty nervous about this appointment.  I no longer trust my gut here...I thought Sam's was going to be no big deal...I have no idea what to expect with Shelbie.  I just hope whatever it is, we can handle the news!

But...just when I thought this week was just about focusing on Shelbie...I got a call late Monday night from our Cardiologist.  He got some labs back on Sam and he is concerned about his Renal numbers and the fact that he had blood in his urine, significant amounts and the wacky liver numbers. he has to have a CT Scan!  What next?  It just never ends.

I told Sam and he actually started laughing..."Oh geez...what are they going to find wrong with me now!!"  It's not funny but we are at that point when it's just become so ridiculous what we are going through that all we can do is laugh.  I feel like a rag doll being used as a chew toy for a Labrador Retriever; just being tossed around for some awesome game of fetch!  I guess as long as we get a good bounce out of it!!

Despite the ongoing drama, we had a fun night on Monday for FHE.  We went to the arcade at the movie theater and played a bunch of games.  Shelbie and Sam are incredible at these dumb games. They won nearly 3000 tickets!!!  When we had used up our allotted budget and cashed in our handful of tickets, they gave the ticket stub of all these points to family who didn't make very many.  The kids were so excited but not nearly as happy as the way my kids felt when they saw these other kids so excited!  It was a good night!  We all laughed and enjoyed each other.

When we got home, the kids played Monopoly while I watched.  I hate that game but I don't mind watching.  I actually had to correct some of Sam's homework and finish up my diaper project.
Sam and Shelbie are so good at this game, a lady watching them win asked Sam to play for her so she could get as many tickets!  She went and bought a handful of tokens and begged Sam to win for her!  Sadly, he only won 25 tickets for her!

1000 ticket!

There was no end to the fun tonight!



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