One of my favorite, inspiring people is Brene Brown. If you haven't read her books or listened to her TED talks or YouTube videos...You are missing out on some incredible knowledge!

This is one of my favorite videos on Empathy.   Understanding Empathy and Sympathy is hard!  It's hard to know how to handle other people's bad days.

Last night, Shelbie was having a ton of pain in her left arm and it was hard to breathe.  She had had a rough afternoon and evening and a lot of stress had been building with her.  It was hard to know what to do for her.  Since watching this life changing animation from Brene Brown, it has changed the way I interact with my kids when they are hurting, either physically or emotionally.

It helps...It's hard to not silver line the bad stuff.  It's hard to just sit with the fear, to feel it.  It's hard to expect empathy but only get sympathy...or nothing.   Life is just hard.  I am learning to let things be but connect in that dark hole that people around me often get stuck in.



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