Another wrench

Still no plan and yet another wrench in the already chaotic drama unfolding.

Friday afternoon, the kids and I decided to get out of dodge and try to find something fun to do.  We went to the museum and we were having a great time until the Cardiologist's office called me.

I answered and they informed me that they got Sam's CT scan back of his kidneys and abdominal area.  It was abnormal!  Of course it was.  It couldn't just be normal could it?  One of his ureters is extremely swollen and inflamed.  It looks like his kidneys have been through 'something' probably a kidney stone passed and did some damage on the way out.

Pray does one pass a kidney stone without feeling any pain at all?  NONE!  He has never once complained about pain, anywhere recently.  I explained to the nurse that now my daughter has heart problems, for which we will be seeing the Doctor for and she was in unbelief!  I asked her if we could just deal with the kidney issue after we sorted out the heart issue.  She said she would ask the doc and call me back.

She called back and said, "I'm sorry, the doctor feels like this is urgent and would like you to see a Urologist ASAP.  It looks like your son has sustained some damage.  He also wondered if you got the MRI done yet in Utah?"

No Utah scheduling yet...still having insurance issues I guess.  I thought those were resolved but I called the scheduler everyday last week and still never heard back.  Trying not to get impatient.

We are all getting impatient.  It's so hard to live with all these 'maybe's' and 'could bes'.  I just want answers and a plan.   I'm still having a really hard time that I have two kids with heart and lung issues.



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