Random Saturday

Whenever I feel like we are careening out of control, I declutter and clean.  By midnight on Friday, I had 1/3 of my living room filled with stuff I didn't want.  Today, I made a couple of trips to the thrift store and the dump.

Ahhh, I feel like I lost 20 pounds.

When Sam came home after his first week at school a while back, he said, "Wow, my room looks the same."

"What did you think your room would look like?"  I asked.


Turkey!  He came home this morning with his laundry and was a bit despaired.  He said, "Mom, you gotta help me with the smell in my apartment!  I can't stand it anymore! Do we have any Ozium?"

He went on to explain that there is no garbage disposal in the kitchen sink but food gets crammed down there anyways.  He said he keeps putting the little metal drains in that are meant to catch bits of food but his roommates take them out.  He's about fed up.  And while he was on his rant about boys and their level of cleanliness, he asked for a mop and some better cleaning supplies.  "I've gotta get that place cleaned up properly!"  he said.

I laughed and laughed.  The kid who could never see the floor of his bedroom for 18 years is now very concerned about the cleanliness of his apartment!  At least I know he actually learned something by dragging him to cleaning jobs his whole life and he actually does care about keeping things cleaned.  Funny boy.

I've become seriously obsessed with germs...I've taken germ control to a whole new level.  So, all morning, I have been bleaching every single surface of my house, again.  Every. Surface.  The fabric surfaces got a spray down with Lysol.  I've decided Bleach is my new signature scent.  If I could find a way to drink it, I would.  I probably need therapy. On so many levels... Anyways...how about this sweet ride?

Image result for vanagon
Spencer's new ride...not the exact one. His has more orange spots of rust! 😁
Spencer is in Utah on a guys snowmobiling trip.  The last I heard from him on Thursday was that he had bought a 1985 Vanagon from his friend.  He sent me a picture.  I told him he has to keep it parked at his dad's house!  I don't want the value of my home deteriorating.  Ha ha. He is beyond excited to sleep in it.  I'm so proud of this kid...aspiring to be homeless.  Actually, I am just jealous.  Maybe there's room for me too!  I am going to surprise him and sew some gingham curtains for it!  LOL.

These kids of mine!



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