On the other side

Finally!  I think Shelbie has rounded the corner on the flu.  Today, she had a pretty good day, even had a couple of big photo shoots and a service project for the Women's Shelter.

We successfully avoided the rest of the household getting influenza too!  I'm so glad, it makes me feel not so crazy for the amount of bleach I've been going through in the name of survival, or the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.  I drank entire bottle of vinegar over the course of the week and started my second bottle today.  It's disgusting but I swear it helps keep the bugs away.

It has been a very busy day, not just at work but at home too.  The kids all had a crazy, disappointing day on Sunday and the fallout of what transpired has carried over to today.  For about two hours today, I had at least 7 text message conversations going at once, and several of them were my family.  It felt like I was putting out fires all day long.  I feel  accomplished that I didn't get any text messages mixed up and text the wrong person.

They finished the work on the front of my house this morning and it looks so good!  It looks even better to me knowing that the wall is no longer wet between the studs. Now I have to paint my ratchet front door.  It's awful.  I was tempted to paint it on Saturday while the tarp and heat was still up but I had no steam after all the cleaning I did.  I will post a picture or two tomorrow.




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