Just like that...

My Sam came home this week.  Dirty laundry in one arm and a load of excitement and exhaustion in the other.  How did we get from this... 

Sam 2nd Grade

To this!


To This!...College Life.  I think this picture Sam sent me of his first "homecooked" meal pretty much sums up the life of a Freshman College boy.

Schmeat and Processed Orange Something
I text him everyday but it was so great to actually give him a hug.  We had a few moments of just him and I and I didn't want to waste a second to tell him how proud I am of him.  He shared that he loves apartment life, loves his roommates, loves being on his own...school is hard.  He's got some hard classes and I could tell he is struggling a little with that but he's working hard.  Harder than I've seen him work.  He even added a ballroom dance class with his best friend Kelsie.  Those two have been like brother and sister for as long as I can remember.  She is beautiful in every single way and they have a good time together.

Christmas 2016

"Why are you so proud of me?" He asked

"Because, everything about this experience is beyond your comfort zone. It brings anxiety every day but you are doing it.  You are facing the challenges head on! I don't think I would have made the same choice if I were dealing with all of the hard things you already deal with."

"Well, maybe it helps that I didn't really think this through.  It's really hard."

"Yeah, maybe so, but look at how much you've grown in just two weeks!"

"You know what would really make you proud?"  He asked.  "I make my bed every single morning.  I clean up the bathroom when I finish getting ready.  I never leave my dishes in the sink, I wash them right away.  I wash my roommates dishes too.  My clothes are always hung up.  Mom, you wouldn't even recognize me by the way I keep my apartment!"

He makes me smile.



  1. I love this post! I relate.. where did the time go?? I love these kids of yours! You raised such an amazing young man in Sam. That picture just makes me laugh! Kelsie & Sam are siblings of the heart..I'm so grateful for the bond they have. I am so proud of him for doing the hard things. College is tough, room-mates are tough, learning things a new way is tough. You taught them to learn tough. That is the gift you gave them each day, to keep going. Make sure Sam knows that the tutoring center is in the Library and its free (unless you miss the appointment-then you get a fee). Its so helpful, and FREE!


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