Construction, The Er and the Eye Saga

The front of my house started coming down yesterday, on purpose.  I have to clarify because, well, you know us!  It wouldn't be a surprise if my house fell down unexpectedly!  The front of my house has been leaking since I moved in 11 years ago.  I didn't worry too much for awhile because it was just leaking into my unfinished basement.  Then, a few years ago, I tried to do something about it and the HOA just kept saying they would address it.  And then address it...and they never did.

Finally, in November when Shelbie had her stroke, the doctor was not happy she going up and down unfinished stairs and wanted them carpeted.  I'm not doing that until I know I have a dry basement.  So, long story short, my employer that I use to work for at the Architect firm jumped into action when he heard and lined up people to come and inspect it, establish the problems and then people to fix it right.  I was so relieved to have help on this one.  We are even trading for some of the work which helps my bottom line immensely!!

The water damage was more extensive than anyone thought once they got the stone off.

They worked so hard and fast yesterday.  Today, they are laying the stone and then it will be done!  A three day job so not too bad.

Yesterday, Shelbie was getting bad again.  I am really at my wits end.  Nothing I do brings her comfort.  I knew she was getting dehydrated so after consulting with my bone marrow failure moms on our FB group, I decided to take her to the ER last night.  I'm glad I did.

Our favorite ER doc was on duty.  This is my first round of dealing with Influenza so I have discovered I had some strange ideas about what the flu was and was not.  I thought Tamiflu actually made the flu go away.  Nope, all it does is shorten the duration.  It's not like an antibiotic.  He said a normal healthy person will have their world rocked by influenza for 10 days to two weeks.  "Your can count on weeks of this.  They have no immune system to speak of so it's going to be a long haul."

My mom friends suggested that the flu is just going to wreak havoc for weeks and other things like checking Mono or EBV.  I hadn't considered that before.  Her lungs are looking okay and her counts have tripled which at first, sounds like a really great thing but to have counts triple means something is attacking the body.   Her platelets are still low though.

Basically, she is on the best antibiotic for Mycoplasma which she likely has from Sam and it's also the best one for her sinus and ear infection.   Tamiflu is done so there isn't much more we can do for her flu symptoms.  I thought this doctor asked a really great question.  He said, "I can't make you better tonight from the flu or mycoplasma but tell me the symptoms that you can't deal with for one more second and let me see if I can help you with those."

For Shelbie, it's nausea, weakness, cough, and headache.  (And she was dehydrated)  So, he started an IV, gave her IV meds of Zofran for nausea, a codeine concoction for her cough and some IV meds for pain.  If nothing else, she felt cared for and we both learned a lot about what to expect over the next two weeks.

I really thought we had escaped the incubation period for the rest of us getting the flu but he said since she isn't clearing it, we are all still at risk.  He seemed to think it was a certain thing that it would spread through the family but I am determined that it will not!  I've been following her around the house with bleach and keeping things sanitized.

In other health news of the disturbing variety...Spencer's eye has not been improving at all and he continues to experience a lot of pain in moving his eye.  He made it back in to the Opthalmologist and he confirmed that it is not one bit better.  It's starting to be a big concern.  If we can't get this autoimmune issue to back down, he could lose his vision.  Everything is so swollen and continues to put pressure on his nerves.

Aye, aye, aye...we are in bad shape and there is no end in sight.  I was afraid to check in with Sam last night but he said he finally feels a little improvement in his health.  Here's to keeping hope alive.



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