It's this and it's that

2017 is 2 days old and already, it's a strange little year!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

New Year's Eve, I attempted a nice little evening alone and that was too much of alone so I just went to bed.  Sam came home from his parties at 2:00 so I got up and caught up on his fun with him.  Shelbie and Spencer came home shortly after which was surprising because I thought they were all staying over at their dad's.  

But, there we all sat in the living room, chatting on about the new year, all our hopes and dreams...Just kidding, we aren't quite that poetic!  We were chatting about nothing really.  I guess my elbow knocked the edge of a small picture that hung on the wall and it took my huge picture down!  The simplest, tiniest nudge and the whole thing crashed.  On its way down, it whacked me hard!

I got a new nail and rehung the picture and then went to bed.  About an hour later, the darn thing fell down again!  I heard the most impressive crash and it woke the whole house up!   The two nails from the back of the picture that held the metal hanger were gone! How strange, they were in perfect shape when it fell the first time!  Just weird. 

On New Year's day, I came home from church and there was a dead bird on my door step.  The second dead bird!  Blood everywhere! Feathers covering the porch!  Just a really weird start to the  new year. 

I'm feeling a little better from my ulcer adventure but I am still convinced that my life needs to change.  I really need to figure out some better ways of handling stress and there is no shortage of that around here.  So...I did the most cliche thing I've ever done...joined a gym on January 2nd!  I hate being a cliche but I can't think of anything else I can do that I'm not already doing, to alleviate some stress.  Of course they were having a sale on memberships so I made the hasty decision after leaving the dentist office this afternoon. 

Tonight, I hit the gym and thought I might die but since I haven't worked out in two years or more, I'm going to ease into it.

So far, my life is all about this and that...opposites that happen at the same time.

Sam moves out tomorrow.  I feel excited for him but sad and lonely too.  We walked through his new place on Saturday and it was all I could do to stay engaged in the process.  He is excited but apprehensive at the same time.  I know in the end whether it works out or not, it's what he has to do in order to move forward in life.  This afternoon, we drove around campus to each of the buildings where his classes are so he is acquainted with them all.  I was hoping to talk to some 'resources' but no one was working today.
This is Sam being frustrated, stressed and annoyed that I wanted to take his picture in his new bedroom! 

The Bachelor Pad...Not bad!

When our plans didn't work out, I said, "Well, Sam, should we go to the Churro place and have one last churro celebration before you move out?"  (FYI- Churros are NOT a thing with us!  LOL)

"Mom!  One last churro?  You make it sound like I'm going to a boarding school in England? Since when were churros a thing with us anyways?"

Ha work here is done!!  I laughed, he was mad and we enjoyed our stuffed churro from the new churro joint in town!  I love teasing my kids! We had a good afternoon, just Sam and I.  I hate change...I hate feeling so many things all at once.

Today...I had to go to the dentist for round two of a $3000 visit!  They asked if I wanted Happy Gas and I usually decline because it's just extra money.  But I'm a little stressed so I said, 'Heck Yes!'.  The dentist was way behind!!! An hour behind so I laid there with happy gas, the lights off and took a little nap.  I hate the dentist but honestly, this was the best moment of 2017 so far!  I know...weird.

I have resigned myself to the fact that tomorrow is going to suck!  It just is.  There is nothing worse than moving kids out! I might want some more happy gas by tomorrow night!


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