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To err is human...

To really screw things up requires Obamacare!

Today was just not a good day.  I had to laugh, I have a new visiting teacher who came this afternoon with the regular lady who comes.  I'm not sure she was primed as to what she was getting into.  She is new in our ward too.  She gave the lesson on compassion.  It was a good lesson but then she said, "Trials come every now and again..."  The phrase just struck me as a big joke.  I couldn't contain my laughter and I don't think she really appreciated my irreverence.  I looked at my visiting teacher who has been coming for the past couple of years and she was laughing too and then said, "Or, the trials just come one on top of the other."

Cue awkward moment....and...we're moving on.  Poor lady, I'm sure she will be headed straight to the powers that be and find a sweet, lovely, young mother to visit.

So, I've been getting an onslaught of medical bills lately; no surprise there.  But...the bills are a mess.  Nothing makes sense.  There are two that have been coming for three months and I have been ignoring them because I knew they were going to be a headache to deal with because they have Spencer as the guarantor and an insurance that we have never had.  One of those bills was for Sam's bone marrow biopsy back in the summer of 2014!  They are just now billing me! gets better...On that bill, the insurance we had last year, paid the bill in full and on time, then, this past June, they went back to the hospital and asked for their money back because they decided they didn't want to cover it after all!  The hospital gave it back to them!!  What the heck!  Still...we are 6 months past that action and I am just now finding out about it.  Then, over the three months this bill has been coming, they keep adding $300 to the balance.  They have no idea why they did that so that one, is being filed away until the billing department can get their act together.  Even they admitted that they didn't know what they were doing.  That instills a great deal of confidence!

I opened bill after bill.  This past August, all three kids had bone marrow biopsies.  I got the hospital bill for that and my insurance, though pre-authorized, has now denied covering anesthesia on two of the kids and will only pay for the biopsy part of the procedure, not the aspirate!  I don't even understand how they can do that.

One biopsy is $12,000.

Finally, The one hospital visit Spencer had in Utah that was supposedly in network was all denied by insurance- an ER visit to the tune of $6000.00- this was pre- Salmonella; a torn rotator cuff.

All of this on top of everything else.

I spent nearly three hours with hospitals, provider offices, insurance companies...yes, I meant to write that as plural because Obama dictates that all my kids have to have a different insurance company and plan!  Not joking.  Because of my income, he gets to say what kind of coverage we have.  I knew this was going to haunt me at some point and here we are!

Let's add up our medical spending since August shall we...

Plasma Transfusions-  $65,000
3 Bone marrow biopsies- $36,000
Salmonella Treatment- $13,000
3 ER visits and MRI for Shelbie's Stroke- $4000
1 Surgery/pathology for me- ? Haven't got the bill yet. :(

                   Total: $118,000.  And people wonder why I don't sleep at night.  I worry about the day when insurance decides they aren't going to take care of us. I guess I'm relieved that I am only stuck with 7 or $8000 for now but believe me...there's going to be some fight in me before I settle on paying this.

I have a pile of work ahead of me to figure out this billing mess.  Tomorrow, Shelbie will be in the hospital for her 12 hour marathon plasma transfusion so I won't have time to sort it out and Friday, I have to make up two days of work so I don't see it happening then either.  I don't know.  Nothing upsets me more than stuff like this.

Shelbie's heart has been out of rhythm all day today.  As life goes, buried in the medical bills was the final report from our Congenital Cardiologist visit back in October.  Shelbie has some pretty serious issues with her heart that I didn't know about prior to this visit.  I knew there were problems but not the extent.  I'm not going to worry her with it.  He wants us back in 3 months.  There is significant regurgitation of the tricuspid valve putting increased pressure in her heart and a larger AVM by her heart.  This makes the neurological event earlier this month, a little more frightening.

Then tonight, Sam told me he thinks he has pneumonia.  I suppose he could.  He has had it twice this year and both times, he called it.  I just thought he had a cold.  I can tell something is coming, he is pretty run down, his chest hurts, his ears are the darkest shade of red and even went to bed extremely early.

Nothing will surprise me anymore.  I will say this, even though I am bugged and upset and horrified at the mess I have to deal with, I know deep down that somehow this is all going to work out.  In fact, after I had a lengthy discussion with one hospital billing department.  I put my phone down and said a quick prayer..."You've got this figured out right?  I'm going to trust that you do!"  And with that...I went and got my  hair chopped off!

I can't wait to find out what adventures tomorrow holds for us.



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