C-Diff is officially back.  That cultured out positive again today so here's to another $1200 in medication.  The cost of a food borne illness is pretty impressive.  The bills have started rolling in from our Utah adventures.  We saw so many doctors before anyone told us it was out of network.  This is my first year on Obamacare so I just assumed that since I am with the same plan I had, with basically the same company, Utah was covered like it use to be.  I was pretty much wrong.  Live and learn.

Here's a rough breakdown:
Medication: $3500
Doctors: $1700
Laboratory: $1800
3 ER visits, unnecessary scans: $3000
Hospital Stay: $4000

All this added to our $13,000+ bills for Shelbie in the month of November and it was a spendy month. It gives me great anxiety to open these bills and wait to hear what is going to be covered and what will not.  Obamacare has definitely complicated my life in so many ways. Just to put this in perspective, our medical bills in one month were more than half of my income- for the year.  Speechless.

I am happy with our ID doc here, he is not warm and fuzzy but he gets the job done.  He called in a prescription so I can save us another trip to a Utah Doctor.  The most impressive thing of all is that the Infectious Disease doc we saw in Utah when Spencer first got sick has been amazing.  He can't be our doctor because of insurance issues but he calls Spencer regularly from his personal cell phone just to make sure he is doing okay.  He told Spencer to call him anytime things got worse.  We won't do that because I would feel like we are taking advantage of him but I sure appreciate the concern he has taken even though he isn't making any money by doing so.  It's hard to find doctors that committed anymore.

Spencer starts his new job tomorrow.  He will be working at the ski hill and I am pretty impressed with the pay scale and benefits.  Like, super impressed and it isn't going to be a physical job so it will be a better fit for his health.  The hours are easier too.  In two months, if he meets all their goals, then they will offer him full medical, dental and optical. They also pay for his gas to get to work.  Never in my life have I had a job that offered benefits so this will make things a little easier for him living in another State when it comes to healthcare.

Cultures on E-coli and Salmonella will be back on Monday.  I'm crossing my fingers that he tests  negative.  If not, then it means we are looking at a chronic, rather than acute case which is just going to be bad news but we will wait and see.  I think Spencer is feeling a little depressed about his situation.  He is really tired of being so sick.  I don't blame him at all and I wish there was something, anything I could do to make it all better!



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