The Currency of Christmas

So, this is Christmas!  The big day is here!  Earlier this week, it struck me that this is Spencer's first Christmas home in 2 years and Sam's last Christmas home for 2 years.  He is eligible to turn in his mission papers in one month!!  One month.  I can hardly even believe it!  It makes this Christmas, extra tender.

This year, the kids are with their dad for Christmas and throughout the weekend, so it's been rather quiet around here.  I spent the majority of the day working.


Wednesday will go down as the best day of the year, next to the day when Spencer got home from his mission.

It all started back in October, the weekend before Spencer got really sick with Salmonella.  He was home for the weekend and I really wanted a family picture since it had been two years.  What is it about family pictures that makes everyone cranky?  We are four adults and no one can ever muster a smile for 30 min.  It's horrible.  I would rather have teeth pulled than do family pictures.  We made a good effort but the pictures were awful!  I hated them.  There was no way I was going to publish them.

For the past two months, I have stewed about those pictures.  I just wanted one perfect picture that captured the essence of our family, not the tired, worn out look that is not becoming of us.  I sent out a family decree, via text message that Wednesday, December 23 would be family picture day at noon!  Everyone was to be ready and smiling!  Complaining, whining, grumbling or anything resembling a bad attitude would not be tolerated. I told them that I wanted nothing more than to have a happy, fun, joyful memory that I could look at every day!

They actually came through!!  I couldn't believe it!  It made my heart light!  It made me cry, actually! I don't remember when I was this incredibly happy! This was pure joy!  Everyone was happy, really happy, not just when the shutter clicked on the camera.  This is us!  This is what life is like.  This picture literally sums up the total of our little existence as a family!

This picture...I love to see the boys protecting their sister.  I wish, beyond any wish of my heart that Shelbie could find a boy who treats her like her brothers treat her.  This is what family is about...holding each other close!

These are all pretty awesome too...

 This one is another favorite...It's unbelievable how much love grows. It's even more unbelievable that Heavenly Father saw fit to send me the best of the best!  He knew that we needed each other so much!

My kids are the currency of my little world and the blessings I have felt this month are the currency of Christmas. There is absolutely nothing of this world that I need.  I just need them.  Shelbie took these pictures and edited them and gave them to me last night.  I cried and cried.

Today, even though I was without them and had to work, these feelings of joy carried over.  In fact, I had a presentation in a town about 20 minutes from home and as I got on the highway to come home, something happened to my car.  I couldn't get past 35 mph. and the steering wheel shook so hard I could hardly keep the car on the road.  I tried to pull over but there was a huge blizzard, the roads were covered in ice and it was pretty treacherous.  I worried that pulling over would be a hazard to others and myself.  I drove so slow until an exit and then took the back roads home so I wasn't in the way so much.  Normally, car problems put me over the edge but I didn't even get upset.  I have no idea what is wrong but, I guess it can wait til after Christmas.

I had a wonderful visitor this afternoon of Christmas Eve, an unexpected one, and that made me happy too.  On my way to work tonight, I stopped to see May and give her some Christmas gifts.  I gave her a family picture and she hung it on her fridge!  It made me smile.  While I was there, I said, "May, have you ever taken a selfie before?"  She giggled like a little girl..."Let's take a Christmas selfie together."

For the record, I stink at selfies!!  I really do but we laughed so hard doing this...I think she doubted my technology skills!   Nevertheless, she is one of my favorite people and I'm glad to have a picture with her.  I was glad to spend a few minutes with her.
 Every year, I wonder why each month can't feel like Christmas.  I don't understand why the spirit is so much stronger in December.  I realize it's the birth of the Savior but isn't that birth something we should revere every day of every month?  I wish I could unlock the secret of making every day feel like Christmas Eve.  It's the currency of Christmas I wish the world could run on everyday!  Wouldn't it be a much better place?

For me...the last two days is exactly what Christmas is about.  I didn't miss the shopping, the endless hours baking or the hustle and bustle.  When all that falls aside, it's amazing to feel what is left.  It's beautiful.  It's the Currency of Christmas that is left.


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