Full Tilt

On Friday, I was tired.
On Saturday, I was getting sick.
On Sunday, I was stuck in bed...full blown, thought I might rather die, Lupus attack.  My hair hurt.  I felt sorry for myself and began to wonder why?  Why now?  Why the week before Christmas when I have already wasted so much time in getting ready for Christmas?

And then...I thought...Why not?  I spent part of October, all of November and parts of December running ragged.  Nursing my fatigue with obscene amounts of chilled caffeine on ice and Lindor truffles.  I figured the sugar and chocolate and sugar would sustain me enough to make it through and I did...make it through.  Sadly, I'm still learning about the world of Lupus and learned the hard way that it will always win in times of stress, fatigue and poor diet.  So...Sunday I paid for my undoings.

On Monday, I resigned myself to being a sick person.  I dragged myself out of bed at the very last moment to show up to a house cleaning job.  From there I dragged myself to the hospital for Shelbie to have some treatment.  And, every intention within me, spoke of going to bed right after my evening job.


Well, before the BUT...have you ever thought about an airplane?  When the wings are tilted down, it descends.  When the wings are tilted up, it rises.

I have thought that for most of this month, I have had my wings tilted down.  I've been descending into somewhere different than usually find myself this time of the month in past years.  Usually, around this time, I am knee deep in shortbread cookies, nanaimo bars, mint truffles and chocolate covered, caramel drizzled pretzels.  I have finished the bulk of shopping and I'm waiting for Christmas to come.  

Our reality this year...I haven't baked anything.  I haven't pulled out the chocolate, caramel or thought about truffles.  I haven't done much shopping for my kids or family.  I have scaled back, dramatically.  With all of the usual activities squelched for whatever reason, I thought I was failing at the Christmas spirit.

Then, last night, for Family Home Evening, we found ourselves walking around campus handing out surprise presents to college students embarking on finals.  It wasn't something I spent a lot of time planning and it isn't something we have done before but it seemed prompted, pressing and necessary.

Every Monday this month, instinctively, we have had a holy moment.  We have gotten beyond our troubles, ahead of them in fact, and with full tilt ahead, on the wings of the spirit, rose to the occasion.  There is something so uplifting to see another person smile.  To see another person feel like they were noticed, even if it was from a total stranger.  To see a simple, simple gift transform into something far greater than it's apparent value is magical.  Christmas is a magical and uplifting time!  It naturally brings out the best in the world but in a single person too.

Last night, I thought about the gift of the Savior; his birth.  Such a simple beginning with far reaching, far greater meaning than first assumptions.  His birth, his life and his ultimate sacrifice give tilt to the whys and hows.  It turns the trials into little triumphs, even if that is nothing more than doing something of worth instead of choosing to wallow.

So...from lessons learned on a Monday, we are full tilt ahead into the Christmas Season!



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