Good things are happening today

Well, I don't know that for sure, but here's the story.

Back in February, we went to a Chinese food joint for dinner.  They brought the customary fortune cookies, the only cookie in the world that everyone wants but no one eats.  When they bring that plate, we all wave our hand over the cookies until we 'feel' the fortune for us.

My fortune, back then, was "Good things will happen on December 19th."  I put a lot of hope in this fortune so, I opened my calendar on my phone and entered on the 19th of December, "Good things are happening today."  I even put a reminder notice for the 18th.

Yesterday, I got that reminder about today.  I had no idea what it meant.  I wracked my brain all afternoon about what was going to happen that I had forgotten about. Then it hit me!  The fortune cookie.

So...I'm all excited about the possibilities for today.

Not really.  It kind of freaked me out actually.  I told Shelbie about it and she just laughed..."Ya, don't hold your breath!"  That's kind of how I feel but what the heck...a girl can hope.

So, here's to good things happening today!



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