Today was all sorts of fun at the urologist's office.

However, before we made our way down there, Shelbie woke up sick!  Infected eyes again, sore throat, a barky cough, swollen lymph nodes, the whole works.

I cleaned a house all morning, came home, raced Shelbie down to the clinic, raced back, picked up Sam, raced down to the city and well...you get the picture.  A very busy day!

Shelbie is on antibiotics and hopefully feels better soon.

The urologist was about how I thought it was going to be.  He is not a doctor who is into small talk in any way!  He wasn't even interested in hearing about Sam's health history.  I think he is just so use to seeing old guys with kidney stones because all the paperwork we filled out was just about past kidney stone history.

I had told Sam that there was no way he would need an 'awkward' exam.  Wrong!

The doctor said, "Mom, please leave the room." As he snapped the rubber glove now on his hand.  I looked over at Sam and watched the color drain from his face!  I died a million times for the poor boy!!

When that was over, the doctor said, "Well, this is worrisome.  No doubt about that.  It's unlikely he has passed a kidney stone.  So, we will see him back here in 6 months.  Thank you for coming."

And with that...we left.  Weird.

If I didn't have so many other things on my mind, I would have been miffed but the truth is, I have a pretty good idea already what is happening and I'm okay with waiting.

Tomorrow we have some x-rays to get out of the way then full speed ahead of testing the rest of the week and into next.

What I wouldn't give for a few hours of sleep...



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