Things are about to get hairy

Well, well, well...

Two kids.

Two hearts.

Two holes.

Four malfunctioning valves.

Two sets of bad lungs

Congenital they say.  Just a fluke thing...they say.

Bologna...I say!

I can't officially say I have three kids with heart and lung problems but without a doubt, I know Spencer has heart and lung problems.  We started cardiac testing just before he left and they found abnormalities but we just ran out of time to finish testing.  I bundled that big heart of his back up and handed it over to God to take care of and He has!!  Spencer hasn't passed out like he use to, had uncontrollable asthma attacks...nothing, at least that he has told me about!  He has done so well! For that reason, I wish he could serve a 10 year mission...except I could really use a big hug from that boy of mine!

I picked up the official report on Shelbie's bubble echo study today.  Positive for an Atrial Septal Defect.  Additionally, her tricuspid valve is not working properly and blood is shunting back through it and the valve where the pulmonary artery meets the heart is not functioning properly either.

Call it anything you want but it is not a fluke.  There has to be one common denominator that has caused my kids' hearts to be so messed up.

We will see our cardiologist next Tuesday and at that time, we will get Sam's tests from Salt Lake back as well and know if he too will be signing up for surgery or if his situation is just going to run it's ugly course.

This afternoon, I had to take Shelbie in to our family doc for some new problems that have cropped up and they are going to try to get some of these distant appointments moved up; like Pulmonology and Urology.  They aren't too keen on waiting a whole month for these issues to be addressed.

Tomorrow, we tackle Oncology.  Just praying that goes well.

Already, I'm trying to plan heart surgery for two kids.  Ideally, I would like to wait until pulmonology decides if they are going to do a lung biopsy on the mass and nodules that are growing in Shelbie so we can do it all at once.  Then, wouldn't it be sweet if they could do one kid right after the other and then bunk them in a semi private room so I can just park myself between their beds and take care of them both at the same time?  I think that would be way better than doing one kid one week and the other kid the next week.  I can't imagine anything worse than watching your sibling go through something like this, knowing that you are next!

Ugh...I know it's going to be okay.  I just want to move on from being stuck here and get some plans in place.  A plan is better than any degree of unknown...or so it goes in my head.



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