Pneumonia and Neutropenia

Second time I've missed the signs of Pneumonia!! What is wrong with me?  I'm losing my edge.

Ahh...Shelbie started feeling bad Saturday night, Sunday a little worse but went to church and stuff.  Monday, worse still so I ran her down to the clinic.  Got some antibiotics for an infection and then felt pretty confident it would work and that would be the end of that.

Monday night, she was having a hard time breathing, her chest was really tight and a dry cough pursued her through the night.

Tuesday, she was really in pain and suffering so, by the evening,  I ran her back down, knowing that today we had a bunch of tests to get through. They did some x-rays and her lungs were crackly and infected!  Bleh!  They gave her a shot of Rocefin and hoped that combined, with the oral antibiotic, she would turn the corner.  I'm thinking we caught it pretty early.

The very strange thing is that she hasn't been running a fever at all.  Not even a low grade fever.  Nothing.  She has all the symptoms of a fever and being really sick but that's it and that is weird.  I asked the doctor how someone could be sick with a lung infection and not have a fever.

Well, clearly, when you don't have an immune system to speak's not going to recognize that there is anything to fight off!  We are three weeks past IVIG which means she doesn't have any of that left in her system so we are just hanging out to pick up every little bug and bacteria that comes along.  Last night, we did breathing treatments and those seemed to help some.

Today, we had to go to the hospital in the city for some testing.  Some of the things, I had to cancel because of her breathing problems but she did go through with the Barium Swallow Study.  As soon as we walked in, I made her put on a mask, not just so she wouldn't pick anything up but for the courtesy of other people sitting there waiting.  No one likes someone hacking away beside them.

The radiology tech came out and said, "What's with the mask?"  First of all, that is so rude.  If you work in a hospital, shouldn't you already understand why people wear a mask?  Shelbie explained the situation and the woman said, "That's what I was afraid of, great!"  Seriously?  I was about to go postal!!  So fed up with cranky people.

People don't go to the hospital because they are looking for a party.  They are sick, worried, frustrated, scared...not typically enjoying their life right at that moment.  The least you could do, is try to be pleasant.

I couldn't go back with her but apparently, they started questioning the purpose for all the testing and tried to discount the doctor's reasoning and telling her that she should have had X,Y,Z test before this test...on and on...So unprofessional!

Mean, cranky medical professionals drive me insane when I am already on my last nerve and trying so very hard just to keep it together.



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