Family History Part 2

My Grandma P passed away 3 years ago.  I have her picture right in front of my computer so I see her beautiful face every day.

I asked her the same questions I asked my other grandma and here are her answers.

What did you imagine your adult life would be like?

  • "I always thought that if I lived to be 50 years old, I would be an old woman.  You know, I received a letter from 'a little old woman', she was 50 years old.  When I turned 50, I thought, 'I'm a little old lady now!'.   I always thought I would have a little boy and grandpa wanted a boy so badly he would babysit his sister's little boy.  All we had were girls but then, at last, Grandpa got his little boy and he was so happy."
What has been your favorite tradition?
  • "Singing to my grandchildren."   I would have to agree!  I loved it when my grandma babysat us and she would always sing. 
What was your greatest accomplishment as a mother?
  • "Sewing, Candy making, Crocheting...all skills I learned from my mother.  Other people would try to make my mother's recipes but no one could ever recreate them.  I think being in Relief Society was a great accomplishment too.  I served as a secretary for 11 years, a counselor for 7 years in the Stake and Stake Relief Society President and met with Sister Spafford many times.  At age 81, I finished my personal history.  That was quite an accomplishment!"
What advice would you give your posterity?
  • " I would want them to know and love each other.  You have to do things to make each other happy and forget about the sad things.  You can't handle the big things that come all alone, you have to rely on each other and be there for each other.  That means you have to go out of your way to love each other."
What did you love most about Grandpa?
  • "I loved that he wanted to do good and he did mostly good things in his life.  He did get his temper up at times but he tried not to.  One time, he bawled me out to a fare thee well!"  (She said this part through fits of laughter, with tears of joy streaming down her face.  She laughed no matter what was happening...even getting bawled out to a fare thee well! ha ha...)
What was your happiest moment?
  • "All of my life I was happy.   I was happy when I was called upon to serve. I made temple clothes for 22 years!  I was happy."
Was there ever a time when you felt scared and had to rely on the Spirit?
  • " I was sometimes scared tending my grandchildren.  I had to rely on the spirit many times."  I tried to get her to elaborate on this but she said, "Just leave it at that."  So I did. 
What do you miss most about Grandpa?
  • "Ohhhh, I miss his company!  Tom always worried about leaving me alone."
My grandma's motto was..."You do what you have to do when you have to do it and you don't complain."

I am so blessed and grateful to have the posterity that I do!  What great examples each of them have been, including my parents.  They say that you can find a bit of each ancestor in you look clear back 4-5 generations!  That's amazing and if you really think about it...I believe that is true.  

I remember a few years ago, my mom pulled out a box of fabric flowers my grandma use to make.  I had no idea that she made flowers.  They were beautiful.  The strange thing was...I had picked up making fabric flowers that looked an awful lot like my grandmas! 



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