Trampled Upon

So, this is a slight deviation from the medical life we lead...though not entirely.

It's been a pretty crazy weekend.  Shelbie had her IVIG on Thursday.  It went well, nothing out of the ordinary in the infusion.  Friday was fine too, even Friday night.

At around midnight on Friday, the headache started for her.  By early Saturday morning, we were in the ER trying to get pain relief that about a dozen remedies at home couldn't quite catch hold of.  They did the usual cocktail for these horrible headaches and after about 3 hours or so, we headed home and Shelbie was feeling better.  That's usually the end of it but that darn headache came back with a vengeance and we ended up back in the ER by late in the evening.  I was pretty miffed with the ER doc the second time around.  She was in more pain than I have ever seen her in before.  It radiated from the top of her head down to the bottom of her spine. They gave her  Toradol and Steroids since we were now treading in the Meningitis zone but no pain meds.  I asked the doctor if he could give her something for the pain and maybe she could relax some so the other meds could work.   He stood there and said, "No.  I just can't think of any pain medication I could possibly give her."  I had a long list of pain meds he could have given her but I happen to know he is very much against narcotics so...Shelbie laid in a bed, at the hospital and suffered for hours!!!  We finally just left.  What a waste of time.  So, it made for a very long and painful weekend.

That's the I had to get another passport photo taken.  This is my third try, it keeps getting denied by the government because it's too dark, too light...always too something.  So, I ran into Walgreen's after a morning of cleaning houses.  I didn't think I looked that bad but definitely not my best. I figure the government doesn't know what I normally look like and it's just a passport photo so who really cares.

They pulled that picture up on the screen and I just about died!  I could see my life written all over my face and it wasn't pretty!  It was a trampled mess!  How come no one has told me that I look like I've been dragged behind a freight train? No one told me I have deep, dark circles under my eyes with deeper crevices leading to the circles.  Passport photos don't lie people but apparently, my friends and family do!

I couldn't decide if I should be proud of my stress worn face or run right out and get some collagen and Botox!  I compromised and ran to the age creams and bought a basket worth of lotions and potions; all in an effort to save face! LOL...

I never thought of these chronic problems would write their story upon my face. I think in the past year, I've aged a decade or so! Not only does my face look trampled upon but I sort of feel like that as well.  Oh well... these potions I bought promise results in 7 days...Here's to some vast improvements!



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