I am so glad that last week is well behind us now.  The kids are bouncing back nicely with exception of a few glitches.  Spencer has had to use his rescue inhaler every 4 hours, every day since his biopsy.  I'm not sure what the deal is with that.  He hardly ever uses his rescue inhaler.  Maybe it was the anesthesia that just stirred things up a bit. 

Shelbie is feeling better today after a long weekend.  Part of me wonders if her body is getting use to these transfusions because they really don't seem to work anymore or at least as good as they use to.  The other side of me is afraid to find out what happens if we stop them.  I would feel awful if I said we were stopping and the adenovirus infection got out of control.  We have been so lucky this year to avoid any nasty viral or bacterial infections with any of the kids. 

The doctor told me that he would have cellularity results last Friday and asked me to call him to get them.  I consciously chose not to call him.  I need to be ready to hear the results and I wasn't on Friday.  I wasn't today and I probably won't be tomorrow.  8 months ago, when they had their last biopsy, the amount of cells in the bone marrow were sparse; 20% on average for all three of them.  In fact, Dr. Shimamura's words were, "Their marrow is empty." 

I don't understand how their peripheral blood counts can look okay, not normal by any means but they hang in there yet there are hardly cells being produced.  I don't know how that happens.  It sort of gives me a false sense of hope.  I am expecting 'empty' again but hope it hasn't dropped below 15% and in the territory of Aplastic Anemia.  That would suck. 

You know what else would suck? If those abnormal cells that have been hanging around have progressed towards Myelodysplasia or Leukemia.  I guess the more I think about, the more I like waiting in la la land where ignorance is BLISS.


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