45!  The number of bone marrow biopsies I have sat through.  I have watched all but 9!  I can hardly believe it.  Today, our Oncologist called with the bone marrow schedule.  Next Monday, the fun begins bright and early at 7:00am.  Not fun really, in fact, you would think that after this many, it would be second nature and no big deal but let me tell you about my stomach...

It's been in knots and turned inside out for most of the day.  I hate the anticipation of it.  We are late in getting this scheduled and that has bothered me yet at the same time, there was no way I could have done it sooner.  We are suppose to do them every 6 months because they have all had abnormalities show up and we have to watch it closely to be sure it isn't turning into Myelodysplasia or Leukemia.

This Wednesday, we will spend a large part of the day at the Oncologist's getting pre op stuff done.  Because of the mito involvement, we have to change up the anesthesia protocol and I'm hoping they get it right this time unlike Sam's surgery a couple of months ago. So, numbers 46, 47, and 48 are just around the corner.  It almost seems impossible we that have done so many of these.



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