I found myself drawn to this very interesting book called the Survivor's Club.  The author, Ben Sherwood explores the world of survivors; survivors who have beat the odds from a plane crash to being stabbed in the heart to some of the worst health crisis.  With the help of science, he tries to figure out who survives and thrives and who gives up and dies.  It's been a very intriguing read.

The author talks about some intense military training he was engaged in.  At one point, he was strapped into a metal contraption and dunked to the depths of a deep pool. After sinking to the bottom, he has to go through a series of tasks and find the escape door in order to reach the surface of the pool.  He talks about the panic he felt, the disorientation, the turmoil at trying to escape.  He remembers the rules he was given before the exercise in order to survive the test.  The military believes these rules will assist anyone in any trial to survive. 

The first two rules are as follows:
1. Maintain your reference point- if you keep your reference point, you will never be lost or confused.
2. Wait for all sudden and violent motion to stop

The military also states that no matter what the trial, survival is an action of mentality, how you think and perceive the situation.  Here's what they believe...
1. Crisis is inevitable and they anticipate adversity
2. When a challenge comes, they observe and analyze the situation, devise a plan and move decisively
3. If things go wrong, they adapt and improvise
4. If they get overwhelmed, they recover quickly
5. They know how to wait for the worst to end.  "They understand that even misfortune gets tired and needs a break"  Sometimes doing nothing can mean doing something.  Embrace the paradox.

As I thought about these rules, I kind of think there is some truth to them.  The only times I panic is when I let fear take over instead of faith.  In other words, I lose my point of reference.  I also find myself just trying harder and harder to change things I really have no control over instead of waiting for the chaos to stop, then devise a plan, a solid plan to work my faith. 

Seattle was a great example of things going wrong or at least not the way I wanted them to go.  I have spent the last three weeks trying to underwhelm my overwhelm!  Now, it's time to recover.  The violent emotions have stopped and I have spent the last week and a half doing nothing.  I need to make my plans and get some rest both physically and mentally.

This week starts the week of planning.  Shelbie needs to get in to see the Oncologist this week.  She has had a nose bleed every single day for the past 8 days or more.   She is still fighting some sort of virus and they need to change her antibiotic to something different than the one she is on and we need to decided if it's time to start the IVIG infusions AGAIN!  Yuck!

Spencer will also be seeing the doc this week since I am pretty sure he has torn his rotator cuff.  He was wakeboarding two weeks ago and doing all sorts of jumps and flips on the wakeboard and one jump didn't go so well and he got flipped around and roughed up.  He came home in pain but as the week as gone on, he loses his strength in his shoulder whenever he tries to lift things or twist his arm in certain ways.  If it is torn, I want the surgery done before school starts.

So...this week is shaping up to be a busy one but one that we will SURVIVE!! I also anticipate that I will hear from our Oncologist in Seattle on the kids' bone marrow biopsies.  I have really mixed feelings as I wait.  On one hand, I hope she says it's time for transplant because then maybe Shelbie would have a shot at a more normal life, that is if she survived transplant.  On the other hand, I don't ever want to have to watch my kids suffer through a transplant.  That may just be the straw that would break this ol' camel's back. 


  1. Kat--I love this post (I love all your posts), but this one is great. You really do seem be more than surviving. I'm really impressed with all you do. Good luck this week!


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