I find myself saying "Ouch" almost everyday.  First of all, my head is still killing me from where I slammed into the car door last week.  Turns out I mashed a nerve in my head and boy, is that painful.  When it isn't hurting, it feels like worms crawling around inside my skull and I have no feeling on my scalp from the forehead all the way to the back of my head.  Sometimes, I just get these shooting, paralyzing pains that make me want to put my head through a brick wall.  I know, it sounds drastic but it really hurts. This is the first time I have experienced nerve pain and hopefully the last.

So, compounding my already aching head is the bill I received last night from Seattle Children's.  Of course, insurance is still pending and it will take a bit to see how things shake out but the grand total just for one kid was....$26,000.  I have yet to receive the bills on the other two but I'm pretty sure they will read more of the same doom and gloom. Can you imagine?  How in the world can it all add up to so much?  When it's all said and done, we spent more money in 10 days than I have made in the last three years or more combined!   It kind of puts things in a discouraging perspective when I consider the jobs I am applying for only pay $12 an hour, maybe $14.  Huh....so much for the American dream!

In other news, it took a lot out of me this morning to finally order the Mito Cocktail.  I tried to buy the stuff we needed locally but couldn't find most of what I needed. I did buy one bottle that will last the kids just over a week and it was $25.  Thankfully, I found an online pharmacy with free shipping and discount coupons so I ordered from them.  I am expecting about 13 bottles of stuff to arrive early next week and that will last the kids not quite 6 weeks.

It took a lot out of me because it is just a monster size dose of reality I didn't want to swallow today.   I did receive some notes from our Neurologist/Mito doc and he does not paint a pretty picture in his review of our visit.  I learned a lot of things that he didn't mention while we were there so there is even more to process.  I will post more about results at a later time.  For now...just trying to take it all in without losing my mind.  


  1. Good luck with all of that. Sounds awful! And I can't believe it could cost that much!!


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