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Sam is moving out in just a little more than 3 short weeks!  Gah! 

I'm not looking forward to him being gone...I know, he's 3 miles away but I don't care.  I like having my kids around.  They are all so much fun and we have a great time together.  But, moving out is part of Sam's 'must', and it will be good for him.  

It's been fun to tease and annoy him as I try to cram in some last minute smothering.  For example, the boy doesn't like the kitchen.  He must think he is allergic to everything in it except for the food I lovingly prepare for him so that's got to change.  I keep telling him he needs to learn how to cook good, healthy food so he doesn't gain the freshman 15.  I have asked him to make a list of foods he wants to learn to make and I will teach him.  

Well, Sam is Mr. Independent so not surprisingly, he set off to teach himself a few things.  But here's the thing about Sam, he loves Life Hack shows.  He is all over the unconventional way of doing things, even simple things.   One of these last few days, he decided to make some scrambled eggs.  I wasn't home and didn't get to witness the event but my people tell me it was comical.  He decided to crack the eggs into a Ziploc bag, mush them up in the bag, add some grated cheese and I think he threw in a little ham.  Then, he put it in the microwave!  

I understand it was disgusting looking, and undercooked but to his credit, he ate the whole thing even after it slimed out of the bag and onto a plate! 

A couple of days ago, he decided to make a gourmet version of Ramen by cracking an egg into the water while it boiled which isn't a bad idea but my kids drain all the liquid out after the noodles are cooked and then add the seasoning.  Once he drained all the liquid out, he was left with a bowl of stringy eggs and noodles with beef seasoning.  He then proceeded to add Franks Hot Sauce and about a Tablespoon of garlic salt!  Ha ha...I tried so hard not to laugh and again, he didn't enjoy it much but he ate the whole thing.  Then he said, "It wasn't bad but what are some other foods I could cook up in the Ramen?"
"Is that your master plan?  Adding whatever you can find to a bowl of Ramen?"
"Well, it's not a bad idea..."
LOL...that's a horrible idea!! But, I gotta hand it to him for trying.  

I suggested we just stock up on paper products and maybe one recycled Tupperware bowl for his microwaved Ramen.  That way, he doesn't have to over extend himself with doing dishes...ain't nobody got time for dishes, especially a young bachelor like himself. Although, I sense he's going to get a hankering for some grilled cheese which shouldn't take him too long to master, I'm sure it will have Frank's Hot Sauce in it...I may have to splurge and buy a frying pan. 

He's getting better at the laundry, he hasn't Facetimed me in a long time for instructions on how to turn the washer on but still needs to work on keeping his room picked up.  No one wants a slob for a roommate!

Sam is the best to harass over text messages.  I love reminding him over and over about things he already knows like driving carefully, wearing a seatbelt, being a gentleman to the girls and so on!  It bugs him so much but gives me so much satisfaction.   My favorite thing to do is text him only in emojis.  He really hates that! 👀💓👇.  I guess since he won't be here everyday, I will be able to excel at my emoji texting! He's going to be so surprised on his first day of College when I send him a good luck text! 

I'm just going to miss him.  When he comes home after a night out, he always wakes me up in the strangest ways.  He used to whisper which made no sense because I'm deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other but now he says, "Hey! Wake up! I'm home!".  Last night he patted me on the head to wake me up!  Some nights he slugs me.  Other times he shakes me and when he's feeling tired and lazy he just stands there till I feel someone staring at me and wake up in a cold sweat!  You just never know with that kid.  He is so funny though. Sometimes, I'm awake but  he doesn't know that, so I just lay there and when he is about to shake me, I say in a soft, creepy voice, "S-aaaaa-mmmmm." 

He's so fun to tease, the house just won't be the same without him here everyday.  I'm certain I'll see him on laundry day and when he gets tired of Ramen and Frank's Hot Sauce; for sure when he runs out of gas money.   



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