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Memory Lane

At dinner on Sunday night, I was asking the kids what their favorite Christmas memory was of giving or receiving.  None of them could think of anything.  Nothing.  I kept pressing them and bringing up my own memories.  I could have made it all up because they don't remember much.  I'm not sure if they all have the brains of an 80 year old or if the stress and struggle they have continually lived with, has short changed them in the memory department.  It's a little unnerving if you think about it.

At any rate, Spencer jumped on the request with all sorts of made up stories himself.  He was coming up with the funniest stories that closely followed the story line of some popular Christmas shows...

"I remember that time we were visiting a homeless man and he said he really needed some construction boots so we went to the store on New Year's Eve and said to the clerk, "Hey I need to buy these boots for this homeless man, it's New Year's Eve and these boots are just his size...  Or remember  when it was snowing one night and we lived out in the country and we heard this train coming down our road on Christmas Eve?  Yeah, it was weird because we didn't live by the train tracks but then we heard these voices in our heads and they said, All Aboard the Bipolar Express!  Remember that?  We all believed we were hearing voices!  It was such a fun trip!"

He just kept rambling on with these made up stories and we were all laughing so hard!  I can't remember when we actually laughed so hard, tears were running down my face.

Then Shelbie chimed in, "My favorite memories were when mom went through her manic phase and woke us up at 10 o'clock at night in the summer to go to the Drive In or when she would take us sledding at 1 in the morning on a Friday night and then to Jack in the Box for treats after!"

Of course that spurred them on to remember other details like when we went to Victoria on vacation and filled the back of our Volvo station wagon with purple star fish and they ended up climbing all over the car when we went for dinner. Or, when I went running with them into the ocean with all our clothes on.

Those are true events but I have no idea where they got the notion that I am or had Manic phases!  I laughed and said, "Ahhh, why do you think I was manic?"

"Well, what mom wakes their kids up to do crazy things like that? "
"A mom trying to make some good memories happen in between all the bad ones...!"

Oh well, I don't care if my kids think I'm crazy...they haven't forgotten the crazy things right?

It's funny how we forget so easily, not only the good things but the bad too.  After we had laughed ourselves silly, I reflected on how blessed we were to forget some of the hard things.  When you add up what our little selves have been through in 8 weeks, it's staggering and sobering.  In just 8 weeks, Spencer's heart stopped, had a procedure to place the loop recorder.  Shelbie had a stroke.  Sam's brain is falling into his spinal chord, 3 bone marrow biopsies, pneumonia, ear infections, Spencer's vision problems with his latest autoimmune disease!  That's an amazing number of trials and worry in such a short amount of time.

Not to mention in all of that...Shelbie's business is flourishing, Spencer started a new business that is taking off, Sam got registered for College and a new apartment, and I have managed to still work 45 hours a week.

Sometimes, it's interesting to look back on where we have been and to count all the ways we have survived this messy life and even thrived!



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