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Christmas Bedtime Stories

Here's the first post of Bedtime Stories.  All the stories I write here are true but names have been changed.  These stories have either happened to me or someone close.  Enjoy a bedtime story and remember to light up the world this week with a little Christmas.

There's Room Here.

The sweet voice of a young girl could be heard spilling from the cell phone her mother held to her ear.

"You want to buy Christmas for some kids?  I think that's a wonderful idea honey!  You are so thoughtful.  Let's talk about it when I get home from work?....Yes, that is a brilliant idea!...I'm not sure I know any kids but we will find some.  I need to go honey, I'm at work.  Let's talk about this tonight!  I love you!"

Anna, a 14 year old with Autism, has a heart of gold.  Her heart dwells close to the spirit and with all the innocence of a 6 year old, she begged her mom the rest of the night to find some kids she could buy presents for.

It hadn't exactly been an easy year for the family.  A newly wed of just over a year and a family of blended souls brought a new kind of work and energy to Jillian's world.  She herself had three daughters and a son.  One daughter with Autism, another girl with Asperger's.  Her son had recently moved in to live with them after a couple of years living with her Ex.  Jillian's new husband had 4 children of his own with two still at home.  They all lived in a small but comfortable home.  They didn't have much but then again, they didn't seem to want for much.

A recent series of misfortune found them with limited income and months to struggle along while Jillian's new husband rehabilitated himself from a recent accident.  It was just her nursing income that kept the large family afloat.

Jillian is the kind of girl who spreads joy and laughter wherever she goes.  She loves deeply and sees the needs of others even before you know yourself of the need.  She never has much but she always finds a way to give and then give some more. I have only known her a short time but I know she buys yarn to deliver to the woman she cares for in the assisted living center who can't get out but loves to knit.  She will run through the drive through of a patient's favorite restaurant and drive it up to her isolated home, over an hour away, just to make her day a little happier. She never questions, she never complains.

Little Anna talked all night about the kids she wanted to surprise with Christmas presents.  Though Jillian didn't want to disappoint her with the details of their dwindling bank account and few presents for themselves, she committed to doing some small thing for an angel or two in need.

The following morning, the phone rang as she was rushing off to work. Her husband answered the call.  Within a few minutes, he called Jillian to say that a social worker had called to see if they could take in two small children.  "Hey babe?  I told them we would.  They arrive tonight."

I'm not sure I know many people who would jump aboard an idea of adding two more children to the mix, two more children who came with nothing but the clothes on their back, two more children to take up room in a 3 bedroom house that already kept the crowded family hungry for space; but Jillian did.  She never considered the words, 'I'll think about it.'  or 'Are you kidding me? Two more mouths to feed?' and she didn't even consider where they would put them.  Of course there was plenty of room in her big heart.

That evening came and she hurried home after work.  Together, they made a make shift room on the end of the basement storage room.  With her crafty skills, it was a humble but loving space for the little ones.

Anna could hardly believe how much this night already felt like Christmas.  Two kids coming to spend a few weeks was more than she could hope for. There's something about Anna that softens the world around her and draws the light out of everyone she meets.

The two children arrived and it was as if the Heaven whispered to the family that it was meant to be. The children, never knowing what a loving family was, were gathered in close as if they were the greatest gift of the season, as if they always had a place here.  A little house has more room than you think for the least of those around us.  Sometimes, Christmas comes packaged in the most extra-ordinary way.



  1. Love this story! Beautiful writing. Perhaps you should write a book of short stories and experiences.

    1. I have thought about that. Thank you! It would be fun to put them all in one place.


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