It's been quite a day!

I woke up with a kidney infection and an ear infection!  Lucky me!  I have had a toothache since Saturday but being the stubborn girl I am, have been treating it on my own with snake oil and other myths because you know...you can't spend any less than $25,000 on a single visit to the dentist and nothing can ever be done in one visit!  It takes like 12 visits! Ain't nobody got time for that!

So...after the nurse arrived and Shelbie's plasma transfusion was under way I decided to run down to the urgent care.  I figured I could breeze in and out and no one would miss me.  It took nearly two hours and the doctor wasn't going to let me leave until I confessed to my lack of self care.

I can take care of myself but I don't always care about myself.  There's a big difference.  Anyways, the infection from my jaw has spread to my ear.  It's not just any ear infection.  It's in the ear that I had all the bones replaced with prosthetic bones 3 years ago.  Titanium pistons and fake ear parts don't like being surrounded by infection and pressure and neither do I.  It hurts and I like to complain about it and on top of the pain, I can't walk straight because I am so dizzy!  Who knows why I have a kidney infection, I guess because God knows it's going to take something more than just a silly tooth abscess and ear infection to slow me down!

I tried three times to get my antibiotic prescription but they kept saying, "10 more minutes."  I didn't have 10 more minutes to wait on them so I have been suffering through the day.

That isn't the story though...

I really like the doctor at the urgent care.  I have always liked him but don't go very often.  The last couple of times I did go, his partner was in and he's a nice guy too.  But...let's call him Dr. Gillette.  He was listening to my woes and said, "Aside from the fact you are sick,  I see something else in your eyes."

"You are stuck aren't you?  You are on the verge of throwing in the towel right?"
With that, and a weak 'nod',  I burst into tears.  I am exhausted and I haven't eaten in three days because of the pain in my jaw so that is never a good thing.

"Do you know how I know that?  I have had the same look in my eyes.  I recognize it." he offered up.

He went on to ask about the kids and then shared some very personal recollections about his own 'look'.  He didn't go into details at all, just shared his own feelings of exhaustion and rock bottom moments he had a few years ago.

It has been so long since I witnessed a medical doctor taking thought for the whole of me, not just the problem at hand.  That just made me cry even more because he was so tender.  Even he was crying and for 10 minutes, we were both crying!  He made me promise that I will never not go to a doctor because of money, that he will always take care of me and my family no matter what the circumstances are.  Doctors like him are few and far between.

I was blown away!  I got home and cried some more when I told the nurse and Shelbie what had happened.

I was only home a couple of hours and got a call from a young girl who is here from Pennsylvania, going to college, and she was really sick and needed a ride to her doctor.  Her brother and Spencer were mission companions and are still best friends! I could tell she was not doing well so I ran to get her and that took the rest of the day.  She had to have IV's and all sorts of stuff but she is back at her apartment now, hopefully resting.  And...I finally made it to my pharmacy just before they closed to get my medicine.  I missed Shelbie's whole transfusion but I trust the nurse so much and she is so great, I knew everything would be fine, and it was.

Tomorrow morning, Sam and I leave for Utah where we will have two action packed days at the hospital and wrap it all up with his bone marrow biopsy on Friday.

I am tired and I am praying that this medicine works super speedy because I really need to be showing up with my 'A' game and be available to support Sam.

All is well that ends well...or so they say.  Tomorrow's another day of awesomeness!


  1. We love Dr. Gilette. He has been awesome with some struggles both the hubs and I have had the past year.


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