Lots of Adulting Today

Big day today!  I had to be an adult and do adult things like close on my house refinancing!  Yay!  I am so relieved to have that done.  It was a pure act of God that I was able to do this, all things considered.  The first part of September, I woke up on a Friday and had an overwhelming feeling to go talk to my bank and see if they could help me sort out some financial issues.

The mortgage specialist I had was magical!  It was her idea to refinance my house.  I didn't think I had a snowball's chance in you know where of getting approved but just like that...I was!  In the process, I was able to put an entire credit card of medical debt into my new loan, take off 6 years from the length of my mortgage and my payment only went up $30 and my interest went way down. Not only was she smart and efficient and pure genius, she was so compassionate.  When she told me all of this, I couldn't stop crying.  I sat in her office and unloaded about 8 years of struggle.  Even she was fighting back the tears.

I had to have letters written and things done while I was in Utah at the hospital and she was so kind to even write them up herself so all I had to do was sign it.  She was amazing.  Let's just say her name is Jeanne W. I'm not saying that is her name but for the sake of the story...

While I was at the Title company today, I just felt like I shouldn't be left alone to sign an entire book worth of documents.  The girl was flying through them so fast and rambling off financial words I had no idea of their meaning.  Oh well, that's how I roll...a wing and a prayer.

I took another leap of faith and called the Administrator at our local hospital to beg for a way to do bone marrow biopsies here at home.  It looks like it might work out since they have a new partnership with Huntsman and University of Utah.  They are so kind to me at our local hospital...really nice.  They always listen to my concerns and do anything they can to help me.  My pestering several years ago is what spurred them to bring Oncology care from Huntsman, to our little town!  It's the best move ever!   I should have done this before I committed to the boy's biopsies and at dinner, I had to apologize for not thinking of this sooner.  They were kind to me!

They do conscious sedation as well but she said they didn't have a problem doing it in the OR or anything I wanted. ( It's just a sad fact that the world of adult medicine doesn't put you to sleep for a bone marrow biopsy. ) They met with the CEO of Huntsman's this afternoon to discuss our situation and tomorrow they are meeting with the traveling Oncologist to get his feedback.  I'm so grateful for their efforts at Madison!  They are awesome!

Also today...Sam had his brain scans.  I will be anxiously awaiting those results.

Some of Sam's bone marrow biopsy results came in today...He did have some abnormal cells show up that they are guessing are Hematogones which are usually somewhat benign if there aren't too many of them but he had over 5% and until the FISH studies and Cytogenetics are complete, we won't know for sure if they are Hematogones or something more serious like a sign of Leukemia or Lymphoma.  We have seen a small percentage of Hematogones before and they wax and wane so I'm not too worked up but a little anxious for the remaining and final results.  I'm sure it will be okay.  There is always that little evil voice that tells me otherwise, my naysayer side...and the fact he has those two new lesions in his lungs stirs all that up again! Bleh... His peripheral counts look good and with the liver enzymes coming down, it really should be fine.



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