Insults and Inspirations

This post is all about random happenings the past few days.  We are gearing up for Sam's two marathon days in the hospital and I have a bazillion deadlines and I just can't seem to get feeling better.  In fact, this low grade, rotten feeling has been dragging on for so long, I don't remember what energy and health feels like anymore.  I hope this isn't my new normal.

Tonight, I had to run into the gas station after work to grab something and the clerk said, "Hey, do you have family in town?"
"Nope." I was not in the mood to converse with him or anyone else so I just left it at that.
"I had a reason for asking you know. Because I was going to tell you that there is an old guy that comes in here every night at the same time and he looks like your twin so I just thought maybe you were, well, twins. "

What the heck?  I know I look tired and run down but old guy as my twin!  I had nothing to say to that and walked out.  What a punk.  Honestly though, I'm a little curious so I may start hanging out at the gas station every night just to see what I could possibly have in common with some random old guy.

The world is so full of demoralizing, discouraging chatter.  This upcoming election is not only a three ring circus when it comes to the candidates but the average 'Joe' isn't acting in a very becoming way either.  I'm sort of sick of it and if you try to text me with your outrage, you will be met with silence because I just don't care.

So, in the world becoming ever more dark, here is a little light, a little hope, a little reason to keep on keeping on.

I listened to the most amazing TED talk this past weekend by Isaac Lidsky...I thought I would share his inspiring thoughts. You should listen to it...the guy became blind in his early 20's but his rap sheet of accomplishments post blindness is awesome and amazing.

"What we see is not universal truth."  I would add that what we hear is not universal truth either.

"A hill seems harder to climb if you are wearing a heavy backpack."  That is a deep thought.

Here are few more of my favorites...

"Be the living expression of God's kindness." Jeffrey R. Holland

"Become personally involved in your suffering" Evan Schmutz

"Sometimes, we can learn, study and know.  Sometimes, we have to believe, trust and hope." M. Russell Ballard

Each of these have been good reminders.  The weekend has been rough-ish.  Shelbie found a new tumor under her arm.  It's a little disconcerting and she has been pretty worried.  I'm not certain what it means and I'm not entirely sure who to ask about it...oncology or immunology.  We are waiting and watching and of course, trying to be personally involved in the suffering of it all.

I got an email from NIH this afternoon- National Institute of Health...They have something important to discuss with me...cue the sinking feeling!  Maybe it's nothing.  Maybe it's more paperwork...Hopefully tomorrow, we will connect.

Finally...It's Thanksgiving!  Canadian Thanksgiving and I pretty much forgot! So, Happy Thanksgiving to my family...friends.  It's always a good day for a little gratitude.



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