A not so perfect week

Things have been fairly stable around here, all things considered.  Sam is doing well post biopsy and still no more results than I've already reported.

Other than some heart issues Spencer had last Sunday, he is status quo.  I got a call around 10am from the monitoring company to once again say, "Is your son doing okay?"  Spencer was at church so I really had no idea.  I think that is such a stupid question.  They call because they obviously see a problem going on in his heart so clearly, it's not okay.  They will never give me any information other than they needed him to get back to the computer base at home and download the information from the recorder so they could look at what was happening leading up to the 'event'.  I immediately texted Spencer to make sure he was still with us. I'm not going to lie, my adrenaline was racing through me and I half wondered if I would hear back from him.   He was okay and came right home but we haven't heard anything since.

So, with the home front ticking along, it was a perfect time for me to continue to be sick!  I thought I was over the worst of it Monday and Tuesday but in the middle of the night leading into Wednesday, I was in rough shape and have gone downhill since.  Whatever I have now is altogether different from what I was sick with last week.  I tried to keep working and did okay but by Friday morning, I was barely able to function.  I went to the house that I clean on Fridays and she suggested I come home.  I hate to cancel and put people off but she was right, there was no way I would have made it through that job.

The kids were all working and going in different directions on Friday, so late afternoon, I literally dragged myself into the doctor's office.  Never before have I laid on the table in the exam room in the fetal position wishing I was dead!  When the doctor came in, I tried to sit up and he said, "Judging from your appearance, you better just lay there."  They aren't entirely sure what is going on.

I have not been able to keep food on my stomach in three days.  I do not handle nausea well.  I would rather staple my lips shut than throw up.  I haven't been eating much at all.  Today, I attempted a smoothie and some chicken but that didn't end well, all combined 6 ounces of food.  Then tonight, I tried to eat a few crackers and broke my stupid freaking tooth that was infected last week!  I am so angry.

I'm not sure what is happening to me but it's not normal, not the stomach flu.  I'm guessing maybe an ulcer and I've even wondered about Mono.  I was helping a girl a couple of weeks ago and she ended up having Mono.  I sort of have those symptoms too!  Bleh!

I'm hoping that I can feel a little bit better tomorrow.  This is my third straight week of feeling rotten.

Shelbie's had some issues come up we weren't expecting.  She had those large lymph nodes show up under her arm a couple of weeks ago, now her leg, on the same side as those new lymph nodes is swelling at an alarming rate.  In just two days, it is noticeably enlarged all the way down to her ankle and she can barely stand to walk on it and impossible to even touch it.  It's pretty painful.  Tonight, I wrapped it up tight in compression bandages and gave her some baby aspirin but I'm guessing we have an ER visit in our near future.  It could be lymphadema or a blood clot.  The plasma product she gets has a black box warning for causing blood clots.  It's probably not something we are going to sit around watching for too long.

I pray I can get out of bed tomorrow long enough to take care of her if I need to take her to the hospital.

Man, things were going so well for the kids.  They weren't exactly great but we seemed to have a handle on things.  Shelbie has been doing well for so long so this is disappointing.   We will see what comes of us tomorrow.



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