We receive no ordinary blessings

November is the month of gratitude, and shopping but mostly gratitude!  ha ha...

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in October.  I wanted it to be extra special this time so I made a paper table runner and five different paper place mats.

Today, I am sharing a free download of the place mats and table runner. I printed them at a local copy shop on card stock.  At our Thanksgiving, while I finished up the trimmings, the kids and our guests wrote on the table runner all the things they were thankful for.  It turned out so great!  It's definitely going to be a new tradition for us.

I chose my favorite quotes on gratitude!  I absolutely love the table runner quote: We receive no ordinary blessings!  It's so true!

So, in honor of this month of gratitude, feel free to download these PDF's and print them for your own Thanksgiving Celebration!

Table Runner
 Download the table runner HERE

Be Grateful, can be downloaded HERE

 We can choose is downloaded HERE

Thankful People can be downloaded HERE

Never let the things, can be downloaded HERE

What If, can be downloaded HERE

While we ate dinner, each person talked about the quote on their place mat.  It really helped us focus on the purpose of Thanksgiving and provided some awesome conversation!  I hope you enjoy them!



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